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  • How VXLAN-based Ethernet IP Solves Cloud Computing Network bottlenecks

    This whitepaper discusses in detail the benefits of VXLAN and how it can be used to overcome network subnet limits as well as the impact of VXLAN to Ethernet IP implementations. It will also describe how IP supporting VXLAN enables a new class of SoCs optimized for next-generation network virtualization.Read More

    Voltage Reference Selection Basics

    This paper covers the differences between the shunt and series architectures, explains key parameters and special features, and shows how to properly calculate the error for a given reference in a given operating condition.Read More

    Solving RF Isolation Issues with RF Inductors

    This paper demonstrates how different inductors can be used for RF isolation in a range of circuits from relatively narrow band applications like portable devices up to broadband networks for data distribution. Read More

    OpenCL on FPGAs for GPU Programmers

    This white paper introduces parallel programming targeting Altera FPGAs using the OpenCL framework. Learn about the benefits of using Altera FPGAs to accelerate your high-performance designs and discover how executing and optimizing OpenCL kernels are done on FPGAs versus GPUs.Read More

    Wide VIN power management ICs simplify design

    This paper presents various application scenarios where high-voltage capability up to 100V is required and explains how high-voltage power management integrated circuits can reduce component count, enhance reliability, and facilitate design reuse.Read More

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How VXLAN-based Ethernet IP Solves Cloud Computing Network bottlenecks

Save & Follow 01 July 2014

This whitepaper discusses... Read More

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