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  • Bi-Directional Supercap Charger Integrates Backup & Balancing

    Linear Technology’s LTC3110 is a 2A bidirectional buck-boost DC/DC regulator with capacitor charger and balancer. Its wide 0.1V to 5.5V capacitor/battery voltage and 1.8V to 5.25V system backup voltage ranges make it well suited to a wide variety of backup applications using supercapacitors or batteries. A proprietary low noise switching algorithm optimizes efficiency with capacitor/battery voltages that are above, below or equal to the system output voltage.Read More

    Automotive Designs Demand Low EMI Synchronous Buck Converters

    The rapid growth of extremely complex electronic systems in automobiles has created even higher demands on power management ICs.Fortunately, a new generation of synchronous power ICs is now available to pave the way for even higher electronic content in future vehicles.Read More

    42V Quad Monolithic Synchronous Step-Down Regulator with 30μA Quiescent Current

    Linear Technology’s LT8602 integrates four synchronous buck regulators in a 6mm × 6mm QFN package, enabling compact, low EMI, high efficiency, fault robust solutions requiring only 30μA quiescent current. Read More

    Design Considerations for High-Speed RS-485 Data Links

    This white paper provides an overview of standard and high-speed RS-485 networks. Download this white paper from Intersil to learn more about design considerations for high-speed RS-485 data links.Read More

    Anatomy of the HDMI IP Certification Flow

    This white paper outlines the HDMI IP certification flow from internal quality, functionality and interoperability testing to certification of the latest HDMI Compliance Test Specification (CTS) at an Authorized Test Center (ATC).Read More

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Bi-Directional Supercap Charger Integrates Backup & Balancing

Save & Follow 05 October 2015

Linear Technology’s... Read More

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