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  • Integrating GPS into consumer products

    The development consequences of choosing the wrong test equipment—and running ineffective or inconsistent tests—can be severe. This white paper will help give engineers some clarity on the issue, summarizing the key areas and outlining common pitfalls surrounding testing procedures and apparatus.Read More

    A Method to Quickly Assess the Analog Front-End Performance in Communication SoCs

    This white paper outlines a simplified method to determine if the electrical characteristics of any given AFE are adequate for the targeted application such as broadband signal transceivers in the context of wireless or wireline connectivity, cellular communications and digital TV and radio broadcast. Read More

    Project Management Best Practices

    Whether you are a rookie or a veteran PM, these tips, from people who've already done their tours of duty in the project management trenches, will help you drive project success in an unpredictable world.Read More

    Understanding and Meeting FPGA Power Requirements

    This white paper aims to identify the sources of complexity with powering an FPGA, describes what trade-offs in designing the FPGA power tree must be considered, and explores how and why FPGA power is a system level concern.Read More

    DLP Technology for Near Eye Display

    This paper explores the display characteristics and requirements of NED systems and how the unique advantages of DLP technology.Read More

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Integrating GPS into consumer products

Save & Follow 22 October 2014

The development... Read More

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