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  • How to Efficiently Manage Analog Verification

    In the world of analog verification, simulation results are typically managed manually, or with very expensive tools that require meticulous setup for each project and that use proprietary methods that are hard for new team members to learn and use.Read More

    Selecting the Right DC Fan for Your Design

    Designing an appropriate thermal management solution requires a systemic approach; each component on a circuit board will consume some power and, in turn, contribute to the overall operating temperature. Read More

    Software Defined Radio Handbook, 12th Edition

    This handbook shows how DDCs (Digital Downconverters), the fundamental building block of software radio, can replace legacy analog receiver designs while offering significant performance, density, and cost benefits.Read More

    Key Parameters for Selecting RF Inductors

    RF inductor selection involves a number of key parameters. While small size is typically desired, the laws of physics limit how small an inductor can be for a given application.Read More

    Selecting the Right Battery Chemistry for Automotive Safety Applications

    This white paper explains Li-ion and Lithium iron phosphate chemistries, including their characteristics and charging profiles. It also identifies charging solutions that derive the maximum energy from the battery while maximizing battery life and reliability.Read More

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How to Efficiently Manage Analog Verification

Save & Follow 19 February 2017

In the world of analog... Read More

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Karl Lam We're working on a similar project to B#: V#... (Read More)
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