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  • Accelerators: Enhancing the Capabilities of the C2000™ MCU Family

    The C2000™ family of microcontrollers (MCUs) from Texas Instruments addresses these challenges with an array of integrated on-chip hardware accelerators that dramatically increase the performance of the MCU in many real-time applications.Read More

    MSP430™ FRAM microcontrollers with CapTIvate™ technology

    As a technology leader, TI’s role is to understand the challenges its customers will face and develop products that will provide solutions that make it easier for them to implement innovative technologies. For example, we’ve heard from many of our customers who are developing industrial equipment that they need to design simple interfaces that can tolerate harsh operating environments. We recommend capacitive touch technology to those customers because it offers an exciting and cost-effective alternative to mechanical buttons across industrial and commercial applications.Read More

    Battery Size Matters in the IoT

    The IoT is here to stay and presents designers with many complex challenges. Among these challenges is battery life in wireless devices. Read More

    Consumers want a Smart Home Butler that provides services - not a bunch of connected things

    Instead of focusing on a smart door lock, a smart windows sensor, an IoT hub or gateway – we should shift our marketing focus to the bigger picture. What can the Smart Home butler do for us to make our lives safer, easier and more efficient? Read More

    Detection of Plunger Movement in DC Solenoids

    The detection of the plunger movement in solenoids is required to ensure proper operation of the solenoid actuator. This paper proposes a method to detect the movement of plunger in a solenoid by sensing the solenoid current.Read More

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Accelerators: Enhancing the Capabilities of the C2000™ MCU Family

Save & Follow 01 July 2015

The C2000™ family of... Read More

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