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  • QNX Acoustics Management Platform

    New signal processing technologies have changed the automotive sound experience more than anything, including the innovative acoustic management platform from QNX, which allows automakers to design the acoustic experience their customers truly desire.Read More

    Fundamentals of Building a Test System: System Maintenance

    In a perfect world, systems would never fail. Unfortunately this is not reality, at least not yet. Systems fail and sudden, unexpected failures can be costly. Although you cannot completely remove the risk of failure, even with the most well-thought-out plans, you can reduce it.Read More

    Improving Emulation Throughput for Multi-Project SoC Designs

    This paper will discuss the characteristics you should look for to boost your emulation throughput and design team productivity in order to effectively and efficiently manage the delivery and performance targets for multiple, complex SoC designs.Read More

    Take off with Simplified USB Type-C Development

    This paper discusses the design complexities that come with designing for USB Type-C, terminology and subtleties that come with the new standard, and methods for implementing USB Type-C effectively and efficiently.Read More

    ADAS Safety Focus: Around View Systems

    This white paper highlights ADAS and addresses design concerns related to two of its most important features: back-up safety cameras and around view.Read More

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QNX Acoustics Management Platform

Save & Follow 24 May 2016

New signal processing... Read More

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