<![CDATA[Products]]> Embedded RSS Feed 4440455 <![CDATA[Platform targets always-on wearables]]> 2015-09-29T16:33:00Z 4440441 <![CDATA[Motor-control starter kit includes vector control software]]> 2015-09-28T13:31:00Z 4440440 <![CDATA[SmartFusion2 dev board offers JTAG emulator]]> 2015-09-28T13:24:00Z 4440352 <![CDATA[Dev kit offers secure connections]]> 2015-09-15T18:19:00Z 4440149 <![CDATA[Voice-control software boosts accuracy]]> 2015-08-17T12:21:00Z 4440133 <![CDATA[One-wire EEPROM gets power from data interface]]> 2015-08-13T12:58:00Z 4440013 <![CDATA[Tool enhances FRAM MCU state recovery after power loss]]> 2015-07-27T13:52:00Z 4440010 <![CDATA[LRDA tool set augments unit testing]]> 2015-07-27T13:14:00Z 4440009 <![CDATA[Processors go to the edge]]> 2015-07-27T13:10:00Z 4439856 <![CDATA[USB IC brings switching smarts]]> 2015-07-07T13:57:00Z 4439855 <![CDATA[ARM-based SoC targets Bluetooth Smart applications]]> 2015-07-07T13:50:00Z 4439719 <![CDATA[MEMS oscillator for IoT and mobile]]> 2015-06-17T13:11:00Z 4439607 <![CDATA[SoCs line up for IoT connectivity]]> 2015-06-02T20:54:00Z 4439552 <![CDATA[Tool speeds register verification]]> 2015-05-26T11:33:00Z 4439551 <![CDATA[Dev kit aids motion control design]]> 2015-05-26T11:21:00Z 4439475 <![CDATA[Low-power clock targets wearables]]> 2015-05-18T15:10:00Z 4439427 <![CDATA[Spectra-Q engine powers FPGA environment]]> 2015-05-12T18:33:00Z 4439355 <![CDATA[Multicore software developers gain code coverage tool]]> 2015-05-04T15:59:00Z 4439313 <![CDATA[Tire pressure sensor targets heavy vehicles]]> 2015-04-29T13:42:00Z 4439276 <![CDATA[Configurable DSP core fits IoT, wearables]]> 2015-04-23T20:23:00Z