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Configurable Systems

The choice and implementation of FPGAs, PLDs, and other programmable devices.


Optimizing complex floating point calculations on FPGAs

How to use the OpenCL programming language to optimize calculations of complex floating point operations on a field-programmable gate array. Read More


Safeguard your FPGA system with a secure authenticator

Techniques for dealing with counterfeited field programmable gate arrays (FPGAs). Read More


Sampling a 16-channel SAR with an 8-channel programmable SoC

Here is how Bob Hu, a Cypress staff application engineer, worked with a customer who wanted to build a 1 Mbps 16-channel successive approximation Read More


Implementing a reconfigurable machine controller using FPGAs

How the combination of an FPGA, a real-time processor, and a modular I/O subsystem can be used to implement a high performance machine controller. Read More


Practical tips on designing safety-critical software

Tips for meeting the safety-critical ratings defined by IEC 61508. Read More


Performance exploration of the Accelerator Coherency Port using Xilinx ZYNQ

Using the ARM Accelerated coherency port (ACP ) to deal with cache coherency issues when building a MPCore implementation using the Xilinx Zynq Read More


Using configurable processors as alternatives to FPGAs

How configurable processors can implement many compute oriented functions FPGAs can address but with some distinct advantages. Read More


Debugging FPGA-based video systems: Part 2

A two part series on strategies for debugging a video system built using an FPGA: Part 2 - Clocked and flow controlled video streams. Read More


Debugging FPGA-based video systems: Part 1

Part 1 of a two-part series on strategies for debugging an FPGA-based video system to be sure it reliably delivers the necessary video streams in Read More


Offloading CPUs to FPGAs – Hardware programming for software developers

Researchers from Poland explain how software developers can move C code written for use on a microprocessor to an FPGA-based implementation. Read More


How to design an FPGA from scratch

When veteran ASIC designer Sven Andersson determined to learn how to work with FPGAs, he decided to create this step-by-step tutorial to teach others. Read More


Design and implementation of an ARMv4 tightly coupled multicore in VHDL

A lightweight implementation in VHDL that enables explicit and direct use of multiple core instances in an FPGA based embedded design. Read More


Implementing a decoupled FPU for ARM-based Cortex-M1 SoCs in FPGAs

The design of an IEEE-754 compliant FPU for use with a ARM Cortex-M1 processor on FPGA SoCs that makes use of an AMBA-based decoupled FPU that is Read More


Achieving maximum motor efficiency using dual core ARM SoC FPGAs

Michael Parker of Altera Corp. describes how to use an ARM/FPGA-based SoC for real-time machine control algorithm operations. He also describes how Read More


Ultra-fine pitch devices pose new PCB design issues

As the industry marches on towards more miniaturization, the trend is more toward system-in-chip than it is toward more shrinking. The result is more Read More


A new way to do firmware development on programmable devices

In this Product How-To article Mark Saunders describes a new methodology for doing firmware development for the Cypress’ Arm-based Programmable Read More


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