Designing with wired or wireless networks for M2M and other embedded designs and the protocols to use.


Reworking the TCP/IP stack for use on embedded IoT devices

How to use the standard TCP/IP protocol stack in real-time embedded Internet of Things applications through a proper understanding of its underlying Read More


I/O synchronization strategies for complex embedded designs

The challenges of dealing with a heterogeneous mix of I/O types and some strategies for dealing with them. Read More


PCI Express vs. Ethernet: A showdown or coexistence?

PCIe is showing every sign of growing and competing with Ethernet for applications once the sole domain solely of the latter. Can PCI compete? And Read More


Building an IoT framework for industrial control: Part 2 – The IzoT framework

In Part 2 of this series, Echelon’s Robert Dolin describes the open source IzoT framework by which embedded developers can build IP-enabled Read More


Adding USB to your design in three easy steps

Silicon Labs’ Evan Shulz explains how to use the company’s CP2130 USB-to-SPI bridge controller to simplify and speed up implementation of a USB Read More


Designing an ARM-based Cloud RAN cellular/wireless base station

A novel architecture for baseband processing that combines ARM’s Cortex A57 processor with a real-time, reconfigurable modem processing unit (MPU). Read More


Wireless energy harvesting: how to get something from nothing

Answers to questions embedded developers using wireless sensor networks needs an answer to: how much power do I need to operate it and will energy Read More


Zigbee’s new IP specification for IPv6 6LoPAN wireless network designs

The evolution of IP-based solutions for wireless sensor networks leading to the recent Zigbee Internet Protocol (IP) extension. Read More


Making the right Zigbee wireless system partitioning decisions

Factors to consider when evaluating the optimal level of integration for your Zigbee wireless embedded design. Read More


One port to do it all: USB 3.0 in next-generation smart phones and tablets

How USB 3.0 will be used in next-gen smart phones and tablets. Read More


How M2M and small data will change auto electronics

The potential applications for M2M in the automotive environment and the opportunities and challenges using it presents to software and hardware Read More


Embeddding shared I/O endpoints with PCI Express

The use of PCIe-based shared I/O endpoints embedded in a variety of datacenter and network subsystems is expected to make a huge difference in their Read More


IEEE-1394 and AS5643 bring deterministic networking to high reliability Mil-Aero designs

How to use the IEEE-1394b-2002 (Firewire) serial interconnect specification (aka SAE standard AS5643) as a deterministic network architecture for Read More


Bringing the three flavors of ZigBee together in the smart home

A new paradigm for total home control is emerging based on reliable low-power wireless technologies like ZigBee and the Internet. Read More


USB 3.0: What embedded software developers need to know

USB 3.0 offers higher speed options and delivers greater power to peripherals. But for these benefits software developers need to be aware that they Read More


Making a wireless MIMO equalizer more efficient

Freescale demonstrates how its Qonverge B4860 SoC with StarCore SC3900 DSP cores was used to implement a 4x4 LTE MIMO equalizer. Read More


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Smart Grid Security: Communication and Security Capabilities at the OS Level

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