Designing with wired or wireless networks for M2M and other embedded designs and the protocols to use.


Dynamic Routing Mechanisms in Wireless Sensor Networks

A dynamic routing strategy that uses an improved collection tree protocol to make wireless HART work as an effective mechanism for industrial Read More


Addressing MIPI M-PHY connectivity challenges for more efficient testing

As the industry moves to adopt the MIPI Alliance’s M-PHY standard, designers are encountering some significant challenges related to oscilloscope Read More


Partitioning and its impact on network and storage systems: Part 2 - Upgrading bare metal network designs

In the second in a two-part series on network and storage system partitioning, Scott Geng of Egenera delves into the value that partitioning brings Read More


Partitioning and its impact on network and storage systems: Part 1 - When technology breaks up

In the first in a two-part series Scott Geng of Egenera outlines the various approaches to network and storage system partitioning in building server Read More


An adaptive user-guided tool for power management of mobile devices

BatteryExtender, a user-guided power management tool that enables the reconfiguration of the device’s resources based on the workload requirement, Read More


Assessing 8-bit MCU communication interfaces for the Internet of Things

In this Product How-To article Tom David of Silicon Labs assesses the small footprint communications protocols such as SPI and I2C in 8-bit Internet Read More


Designing optimal wireless base station MIMO antennae: Part 2 – A maximum likelihood receiver

In this second of a two-part series, the authors describe the design choices necessary to build a maximum likelihood receiver for a multiple input, Read More


What is the Internet of Things?

GeorgiaTech’s Alain Louchez makes an effort to come up with a useful definition and structure for the amorphous collection of wireless sensor Read More


Scalable Cloud Services for the Internet of Things through CoAP

A new IoT architecture based on the Constrained Application Protocol (CoAP) for resource-constrained devices that takes advantage of the HTML Read More


Home automation system design: the basics

The basics of selecting a home automation system architecture and how the use of a programmable system-on-chip approach can simplify implementation Read More


Pre-compliance testing for WLAN transmitters

An important element in adding wireless Internet-of-Things capabilities to your embedded design is going through the rigorous compliance testing the Read More


An OSGI middleware for using IoT sensor networks as a service paradigm

An OSGi-based middleware, called Sensor Node Plug-in System (SNPS), where sensors are no longer low-level devices producing raw measurement data, but Read More


Design and implementation of XMPP on IPv6-based Wireless Sensor Networks

Extending XMPP to wireless sensor networks based in IPv6, using a lightweight XMPP client protocol software optimized for sensor nodes with UDP Read More


Implementing RAID 0/1 using USB 3.0

Intel Corp.'s new server chipsets - Grantley and Brickland – make the use of USB 3.0 even more attractive and cost effective. Here’s how to do Read More


Sensor fusion enables sophisticated next-gen applications

The importance of sensor fusion in embedded systems employing increasing numbers of sensors. Read More


Static Analyzer for Detecting Privacy Leaks in Android Applications

How a static analyzer, called SCANDAL, can be used to detect privacy leaks in Android applications. Read More


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