Debug & Optimization

Finding best practices in software and hardware testing, debugging, optimization, and emulation.


A systems approach to embedded code fault detection

A practical hands-on guide to fault detection in complex embedded systems design and some of the techniques for enhancing systems debug capabilities. Read More


Using static analysis to detect coding errors in open source security-critical server applications

An analysis of three security-critical open source applications - Apache, OpenSSL, and sendmail – and how static analysis can be used to find bugs. Read More


Practical EMI troubleshooting with a mixed domain oscilloscope

How to use a mixed domain oscilloscope to test and troubleshoot high performance, wirelessly connected embedded systems designs for electromagnetic Read More


Oscilloscope mistakes and how to avoid them

In a series of four articles, Steve Sandler takes a look at four common scope mistakes and gives details on how to avoid them. Here in Part 1 he Read More


Scientific debugging: Finding out why your code is buggy – Part 1

In Part 1 of a series excerpted from "Why Programs Fail", author Andreas Zeller explains how to use the scientific method to debug your software. Read More


Saving your embedded printed circuit board design with forensic technology

A miniscule defect on a printed circuit board causing sub-system failure can drive designers up the wall even after conventional inspection, but Read More


The basics of sigma delta analog-to-digital converters

The authors review the basics of sigma delta ADCs. Read More


Mixed signal verification of Sigma Delta ADCs in an SoC

The authors present a method of doing mixed signal verification for use in performing dynamic tests of sigma delta ADCs in an SoC. Read More


The millennium bug revisited

Colin Walls considers the possibility of a repeat of the “millennium bug” (aka Y2K) panic, when it was thought that timers in systems might not Read More


DO-254: Increasing verification coverage by test

Verification coverage by test is essential to satisfying both the objectives of DO-254 and interpretation in FAA Order 8110.105. However, Read More


Reducing tester-based silicon debug effort & time: Part 2 – A check-list of best practices

A detailed check list of must-do practices to follow during the verification for testing (VFT). Read More


Reducing tester-based silicon debug effort & time: Part 1 – Testing modes

The pros and cons of the silicon test and debug phases an SoC must go through and the techniques and tools available to the test engineer. Read More


Mastering stack and heap for system reliability: Part 3 - Avoiding heap errors

In the last of a three part series, the authors deal with broad guidelines for proper heap design, methods to employ to avoid errors and provides Read More


Software performance engineering for embedded systems Part 3 – Collecting data and using it effectively

In the final part in a series of three articless excerpted from his soon-to-be published “Software Engineering for Embedded Systems”, Read More


Efficient I2C Bus debug using Mixed Signal Oscilloscopes

Dave Pereles provides some helpful guidelines on how to replace traditional manual methods for debugging the Inter-IC (I2C) bus connections in your Read More


Mastering stack and heap for system reliability: Part 2 - Properly allocating stacks

In the second in a three part series on techniques for allocating memory stack and heap in embedded systems, Anders Lundgren and Lotta Frimanson Read More


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