Debug & Optimization

Finding best practices in software and hardware testing, debugging, optimization, and emulation.


Floating-point data in embedded software

Colin Walls discusses the details of floating point operations, when floating point should and should not be used, some of the pitfalls of its use, Read More


Jitter considerations when matching timing solutions to your applications

Determining the effects of jitter on the system as well as defining the jitter budgets for the various subsystems are critical for optimizing system Read More


Who needs a debugger?

Most embedded software developers spend the bulk of their time debugging. This does beg the question: What does debugging actually mean? The answer Read More


Achieving better embedded software performance through memory layout optimization - Part 2

Part 2 in a series on managing embedded system memory provides tips on improving software performance through the use of a variety of memory layout Read More


Achieving better software performance through memory-oriented code optimization - Part 1

Part 1 in a series on managing embedded system memory provides tips on improving software performance through the use of a variety of memory-oriented Read More


Tracking down the tainted data in your embedded app with static analysis

Systems which make use of a combination of components with different sources are at particular risk of the code and security vulnerabilities Read More


How to debug elusive software code problems without a debugger

Code problems in distributed systems such as wireless sensor networks cannot be easily located with a debugger. The author explains how to find them Read More


A step-by-step guide to using static analysis to debug embedded software

When used early in software development, static analysis tools can reduce bugs in your code by allowing coverage of the execution paths through a Read More


Five steps to reliable, low-cost, bug-free software with static code analysis

The effective use of static source code analysis to deal with the increasing complexity of software and the need to make sure code is reliable and Read More


A measurement based software quality framework

How the use of a Measurement based Software Quality Assurance Framework (MSQF) can be used to eliminate the bias and errors inherent in Read More


Overlooking design-for-test can lead to costly PCB design rework

To avoid costly printed circuit board rework, it is important to have an effective design-for-test (DFT) strategy in place, based on a close Read More


A Hybrid Taint Analysis Framework for Diagnosing Attacks on Binary Programs

A hybrid framework which integrates dynamic and static taint analysis to discover software flaws or vulnerabilities. Read More


Innovative defense techniques for damping digital to RF crosstalk

Many mobile devices have multiple-input-multiple-output (MIMO) on-board antennas and present many challenges to signal integrity. Here is one Read More


A systems approach to embedded code fault detection

A practical hands-on guide to fault detection in complex embedded systems design and some of the techniques for enhancing systems debug capabilities. Read More


Using static analysis to detect coding errors in open source security-critical server applications

An analysis of three security-critical open source applications - Apache, OpenSSL, and sendmail – and how static analysis can be used to find bugs. Read More


Practical EMI troubleshooting with a mixed domain oscilloscope

How to use a mixed domain oscilloscope to test and troubleshoot high performance, wirelessly connected embedded systems designs for electromagnetic Read More


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From Digital to RF – Debugging in the Time & Frequency Domains

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