MCUs, Processors & SoCs

Looking at 4-, 8-, 16-, 32-, 64-bit and multicore devices and the systems on a chip that complement them.


Designing with ARM Cortex-M based SoC Achitectures: Part 2 – Some typical applications

Tushar Rastogi and Subbarao Lanka of Cypress Semiconductor compare the capabilities of a standard microcontroller approach to the design of an Read More


Designing with ARM Cortex-M based System-On-Chips (SoCs) - Part I: The basics

In this first part in a series, Tushar Rastogi and Subbarao Lanka of Cypress Semiconductor describe the fundamentals of developing processor-based Read More


Multicore basics: AMP and SMP

Colin Walls outlines the basics of implementing software on two of the main multicore architectures – symmetric and asymmetric multiprocessing Read More


Parallelism joins concurrency for multicore embedded computing

The difference between parallelism and concurrency in multicore-based embedded systems, how to choose, and tools you will need. Read More


Software techniques for building more efficient motor control designs

Software techniques for adding more features and higher complexity to a motor control design without increasing cost or requiring added components. Read More


Design Tip: Implementing an SoC with dependable 50% duty cycles

How to replace the conventional odd and even counter-based approach used in SoC circuit blocks with a dual-edge, counter-based, configurable Read More


Implementation of a CW Filter in ham radio setups using a PSoC

Meng He of Cypress lays out the steps to implement a Continuous Wave (CW) filter in a typical ham radio setup by using a Cypress programmable SoC Read More


Building eye-catching GUIs for your embedded MCU designs

How integration of 2D Direct Memory Access (DMA2D) in microcontrollers improves core processor performance and creates new possibilities for Read More


Static timing analysis: bridging the gap between simulation and silicon

How to use Static Timing Analysis (STA) to link back- and front-end design activities as well a way to bridge the gap between design simulation and Read More


Vintage multicore

A “blast from the past” personal story from C and C++ programming specialist Colin Walls on the first multicore software design he developed in Read More


ADCs in SoCs – Just a placeholder or a vital subsection?

In addition to analog-to-digital converter parameters, when integrating ADCs into an SoC developers should also consider CPU Read More


Unlock the processing power of wireless modules

Using a wireless module’s excess processing capacity to replace the microcontroller can yield a cellular-equipped system that is smaller, more Read More


Take advantage of multicore with a multi-OS software architecture

How developers can much more efficiently implement a multicore processor in an embedded design using a multi-OS software architecture. Read More


Demystifying phase-locked loops

The Phase Locked Loop (PLL) is an indispensible component in modern electronic systems. For digital designers who still avoid its use because of its Read More


Using MCUs for intelligent power output control

Design a MCU-based power output controller by using an integrated intelligent solution with an internal current mirror to provide a feedback Read More


Building high performance interrupt responses into an embedded SoC design

Executing interrupt service routines using conventional techniques requires many clock cycles and limits the ability of the designer to verify the Read More


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Synopsys DesignWare ARC EM Family: Efficient CPU Cores for Embedded Applications

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This paper describes Synopsys' DesignWare ARC... Read More

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