Power Optimization

Optimizing the power requirements for efficient designs while matching performance targets.


A close look at a faulty notebook battery

A reader offered to do further debugging on a previously mentioned faulty laptop battery and his conclusion might surprise you. Read More


Maintaining bus voltage using a bidirectional DC/DC regulator and supercapacitor charger

This LTC design note shows how to combine a supercapacitor charge controller with a robust DC-DC to make a wide input-range supply with transient Read More


Managing power supply sequencing and supervision, part 2

LTpowerPlay is the best way to interface with the LTC2937 over the I2C bus. Read More


Managing power supply sequencing and supervision, part 1

This article walks through common scenarios and how to successfully apply the features of the LTC2937 power supply sequencer and supervisor. Read More


Power system management with Linduino

Linduino is a great way to get started learning the basics of PSM programming. Read More


Power optimization for battery-less BLE beacons

Energy harvesting can power BLE beacons but designers need to optimize power consumption in every aspect of the embedded system. Read More


Exploring design methodologies for next-generation IoT sensors

IoT sensor SoCs will need to leverage adaptive techniques for efficient, autonomous data collection with the lowest possible power consumption. Read More


Solving power management of multiprocessor systems with the eXtensible Energy Management Interface

XEMI offers standard approach for managing system power in scalable heterogeneous multiprocessor systems. Read More


Using digital power modules to power FPGAs

The proliferation of voltage input rails for delivering point-of-load (POL) power to FPGAs is making power supply designs ever more challenging. Read More


Power management in embedded software

Historically, power management was purely a hardware issue, but today software is increasingly responsible for power management in embedded systems. Read More


USB connectivity in a battery-powered IoT world

USB has evolved from the dream of standardizing all PC connections to a state-of-the-art technology that allows even small battery-powered IoT Read More


Incorporating USB battery charging protocols into an Android-based design

Incorporating effective power management into a design using the Android distribution of the Linux operating system using either its native power Read More


Managing the rechargeable batteries in your embedded/mobile design with BIF

How implementation of the MIPI Alliance Battery Interface (BIF) specification will make management of rechargeable batteries in untethered embedded, Read More


ARM perspective on low-power energy-efficient SoC designs

Lessons learned in addressing the transfer of low power IP designs and implementation flows and methodologies into energy-efficient Read More


Signal versus power integrity in high-speed embedded design

Analysis of both signal integrity and power integrity is vital to a successful high-speed digital design. Here's some perspective on why this is so Read More


Optimizing embedded software for power efficiency: Part 4 – Peripheral and algorithmic optimization

In the final part in a series on how to manage your embedded software design’s power requirements, the authors discuss the how operations of the Read More


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