Power Optimization

Optimizing the power requirements for efficient designs while matching performance targets.


Designing low-power sequential circuits using clock gating

An efficient way to design low power sequential circuits with effective clock gating with the help of a multi-stage programmable Johnson counter. Read More


Managing device power with an operating system

This article reviews the aspects of an OS that can affect power consumption and offers guidelines to avoid pitfalls. Read More


Low‐power MCU benchmarking: what datasheets don’t tell you

The role of benchmarking in the use of ultra-low power microcontroller architectures as an aid in assessing the advantages and traps of different Read More


Building analog interfaces for low power design

Techniques for bringing the analog power budget into sync with the rest of the design. Read More


It’s all about tools: developing power-sensitive, low current MCU designs

How Silicon Labs' Power Estimator tool guides embedded system developers in creating power-sensitive and current consumption-optimal microcontroller Read More


Design of a low power high speed differential to single ended converter using feedback

The design of a low power high speed differential to single-ended converter circuit to achieve high bandwidth without increasing the current Read More


Embedded design energy efficiency with lower power LCD operation

In this Product How-To design article, Silicon Labs‘ Don Shannon describes the constraints facing developers of energy-efficient home appliance Read More


Reducing MCU energy consumption when monitoring outside inputs

Using an ARM-based MCU’s energy-conserving sleep features without using an intermediate “waiting for input” mode to monitor external events Read More


How the right measurements can optimize battery run time

To minimize current consumption, mobile and wireless devices reduce current-drain during idle times. Measurements let you see how those changes take Read More


Using sensor controllers to reduce power consumption in mobile computing

The author explains how a sensor controller can help reduce the overall system power consumption in mobile computing devices, and uses the MSP430 Read More


Optimizing for low power in embedded MCU designs

The authors look at the major factors contributing to power consumption in an embedded system by analyzing the various power modes that most Read More


How capacitive sensing can reduce standby power in household appliances

The author describes how to use capacitive proximity sensors to reduce standby power in household appliances to well below 50 mW, while minimizing Read More


Reducing power consumption in CIC filter algorithm designs

Richard Lyons, author of “Understanding DSP,” describes some a number of ways you can reduced the power consumption of Cascaded Integrator-Comb Read More


Software: the last frontier for ultra-low-power MCU performance

The importance of efficient, well-written software when programming ultra-low-power micrcontrollers, especially in battery-based applications which Read More


Thread synchronization techniques for better multicore system power/performance tradeoffs

An in-depth look at a thread synchronization mechanism based on hardware supplied primitives for use in multicore designs to guarantee both power Read More


Optimal digital power control using LLC resonant converters

Implementing a line level control (LLC) resonant converter-based digital power control subsystem that uses a 32-bit MCU to manage duty cycle and Read More


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