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Programming embedded systems with C, C++, Java, and the tools that improve efficiency.


Share and share alike

How shared code in an embedded software application is implemented, illustrated with examples where its use was the solution to intractable problems. Read More


A Programmable Interface for Extending Android Security

The design and implementation of a proposed Android Security Modules (ASM) framework, which provides a programmable interface for defining new Read More


Safe and secure object-oriented programming with Ada 2012's contracts

Ada 2012’s contract-based OOP approach combines the full expressiveness of the object-oriented methodology with the safety and security that have Read More


Do you really need source code?

Do you need the source code for your RTOS or for any other software IP? This article investigates whether source code access makes sense in all Read More


Device registers in C

Using C language’s low level capabilities to access registers in peripheral devices should be simple and straight forward, but because no standard Read More


Enhancing Security by Diversifying Instruction Sets

How to make network connected processors secure by implementing hardware support for instruction-set randomization (ISR), thus providing a unique Read More


Using ARM TrustZone to Build a Trusted Language Runtime for Mobile Apps

Design of the Trusted Language Runtime (TLR), a system that protects the confidentiality and integrity of .NET mobile applications from OS security Read More


Effective use of Pthreads in embedded Linux designs: Part 1 – The multitasking paradigm

The author explains how multitasking can be used to make application code more responsive in embedded Linux designs. Read More


Software visual analytics for program structure and metrics comprehension

A tool set for visual programming analysis that supports static analysis, quality metrics computation, and clone detection, using table lenses, Read More


Go Forth!

Colin Walls provides an example of why he thinks Forth, an interpretive stack-based programming language popular in the 1970s, might be a good tool Read More


Function Parameters

Passing parameters to a C function seems simple enough. The details of how that process takes place have a significant impact on the behavior and Read More


How to make C++ more real-time friendly

For embedded developers dead set on using C++ in their real-time deterministic applications, here are some tips on making that process less Read More


Engineering embedded software for optimum performance: Part 2 – more C code techniques

In the second in a two-part series the authors provide some additional guidelines on getting better performance out of your software. Read More


Engineering embedded software for optimum performance: Part 1 – basic C coding techniques

Excerpted from “Software engineering for embedded systems,” the authors provide some practical guidelines on how to use a compiler to get better Read More


Using model-driven development to reduce system software security vulnerabilities

Many features of model-driven development tools for embedded system design can also be used to create software for security- and safety-critical Read More


Using domain-specific modeling languages for medical device development

How existing languages for Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) can be extended with domain-specific constructs for medical devices and used to Read More


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