Prototyping & Development

Software and hardware tools, libraries, prototyping, development kits, and design management techniques.


Design considerations for harsh environment embedded systems

Designing embedded systems that operate reliably in harsh environments presents a unique set of challenges, and as with all engineering problems Read More


Implementing finite state machines in embedded systems

A finite state machine is one of the most popular design patterns in embedded systems, and here are different approaches for implementing them using Read More


IoT Design: Key Software Challenges and Ways Around Them

Its software complexity makes the IoT design process a classical case of survival of the fittest. Read More


Toward an intuitive system design environment

The combination of graphical system descriptions and automated code generation can help developers focus on product differentiators rather than on Read More


Yes, you can develop embedded software using agile methodology

There's a belief that software methodology doesn't really affect results. Nothing could be further from the truth. Read More


Avoiding latchup in CMOS chips

Cycling power with inputs applied can blow up your design. Read More


Non-intrusive debug

To what extent debugging software affects the functionality of the code is not a black and white issue. Read More


Don't Panic: An introductory guide to debugging video applications and beyond

Following a structured approach can be difficult as pressure mounts to deliver a critical fix but following a logical and structured debugging Read More


Adopting virtual prototyping

A case study and recommendations for developing virtual prototype models. Read More


Building 491MHz FPGA-based wireless radio heads

3G and 4G designs can be built using HDL by expert FPGA designers, but a high level toolflow is capable of delivering the required performance. Read More


The simplest possible UI

A simple LED indicator can provide a humble "UI" to communicate some information to the user. Read More


Fundamentals guide wearable PCB designs

In the absence of printed circuit board standards in wearable IoT electronics, hardware developers need to pay close attention to fundamentals. Read More


Practical tips for troubleshooting EMI issues

Engineers can identify and resolve EMI issues without duplicating test house conditions to reduce the risk that a product will fail the final full Read More


10 Kickstarter projects on Arduino

The Arduino development board has grown in popularity over the last few years and has spawned a myriad of interesting projects. Here are 10 of the Read More


Testing code that uses an RTOS API

A desktop-based test harness can help developers make progress in testing code littered with RTOS API calls. Read More


Optimizing data memory utilization

The conflicts that occur when optimizing an embedded design for size versus speed in a limited resource environment and what developers can do about Read More


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How to Use Electrical Rule Checks to Identify SERDES Design Issues

Save & Follow 01 September 2014

Many designs use SERDES interfaces to move... Read More

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