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Real-world Applications

Real-life examples of embedded systems and the techniques used to implement them.


Apple's ResearchKit: Is open source good for your and Apple's health?

ResearchKit has potential for Apple's customers and for the computing and communications world more generally, but there are also a few concerns. Read More


Winning design strategies for the wearables market

An analysis of the user-experience-driven design methodologies needed for successful wearable personal electronic devices and how to incorporate Read More


Vision in wearable devices: Expanded application and function choices

Increasingly capable and cost-effective processors, image sensors, and memories, along with robust algorithms, now make it practical to incorporate Read More


Semiconductor innovations in computer vision and mobile photography

As interest grows in taking better photographs and videos and extracting knowledge from those images, innovative semiconductor architectures are Read More


Achieving maximum efficiency in LED luminary and LCD backlight designs

Knowledge of the often misunderstood finite limits about how much light can be produced yields insights into LED luminary and LCD backlight design Read More


Design of a Wearable, Real-Time Mobile Gaze Tracker

The design of an ARM Cortex M3 microcontroller-based eyetracker, called iShadow, that dramatically reduces the sensing and computation needs for eye Read More


The basics of designing wearable electronics with microcontrollers

The basics requirements of first-generation wearable electronic devices and how to pick the right microcontroller or application processor for your Read More


The need for speed in low latency video system designs

Factors that contribute to latency in video games and online video conferencing applications and the various ways system designers can minimize their Read More


Ray tracing: the future is now

A novel interactive algorithmic approach to doing graphics ray tracing that overcomes the computational and cost barriers to the use of the technique Read More


Vision-based artificial intelligence brings awareness to surveillance

Embedded vision is rapidly augmenting traditional law enforcement techniques in real world settings with automated surveillance systems, richer Read More


Implementing Android-based fingerprint authentication for online payments

How PayPal programmers implemented a fingerprint authentication software architecture with Samsung’s Galaxy S5 smartphone using the Fast Identity Read More


Using batteries wisely

How to characterize and model the batteries used in wireless sensor networks and design applications that take battery internals into consideration. Read More


Evaluating battery models in wireless sensor networks

An investigation of three battery modeling techniques with regard to their applicability to evaluating CR2032 powered wireless sensor network Read More


A survey of energy harvesting sources for embedded systems

A survey and evaluation of various approaches to providing power to wireless sensors and devices using through the use of energy harvesting from Read More


Attracting Students to Engineering Education

How summer boot camps in robotics and smartphone programming for high school students can be used to attract and begin to train them in the science, Read More


Mobile photography's developing image

How still photos and videos taken with standalone cameras are being replaced in by camera-inclusive smartphones and tablets through the use of new Read More


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Nevermind the IoT: Here Comes the Third Wave

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