Real-world Applications

Real-life examples of embedded systems and the techniques used to implement them.


Electronics for the Sick

Medical devices should be of interest to any embedded software developer as they encapsulate a great many of the techniques that characterize modern Read More


Building an electronic guitar digital sound synthesizer using a programmable SoC

Sree Harsha Angara describes how he built a simple electronic guitar synthesizer by implementing the Karplus-Strong guitar synthesis algorithm on a Read More


Building wearable UV Index sensor devices for protection from harmful sun exposure

The basics of ultraviolet radiation in sunlight and how to use UV index sensor circuits to build a wearable device that warns of harmful sun exposure. Read More


Building an IoT for industrial control: Part 1 – What is Industrial IoT?

In the first in a two-part series, Echelon’s Robert Dolin describes the requirements that the IP-enabled “Internet of Things” (IoT) must meet Read More


Direct-to-device connectivity in the Internet of Things

A comparison of three approaches for building embedded Internet of Things designs: a traditional embedded web server, virtual cloud devices, and Read More


How the Smart Grid is becoming smarter

New standards and software enable electric utility customers to take control of their power usage. Read More


Designing sense electrodes for non-uniform and curved 3D touchpad surfaces

The author explains capacitive sensing in touchpads designed for non-uniform and curved 3D surfaces. Read More


Speed up machine-to-machine networking with UDP

For applications like streaming video, 6LoWPAN sensor networks, M2M, and IoT devices, the user datagram protocol (UDP) provides a fast, low-overhead Read More


Fault diagnosis of onboard automobile machine control using FFT algorithms

Using an automotive starter motor as an illustration, this article is on using Fast-Fourier transform (FFT) algorithms for early fault detection and Read More


Hardware requirements for GENIVI-based infotainment systems

A look the soon to be announced GENIVI 5.0 automotive specification and how it will result in higher performing and lower cost infotainment systems. Read More


The importance of low power sensing for the Internet of Things

The authors explain the role of time-synchronized channel hopping in overcoming the low power challenges of ubiquitous IoT connectivity. Read More


Designing touch electrodes for non-uniform surfaces: discrete keys

How to accomplish touch detection in capacitive touch interfaces implemented on non-uniform surfaces. Read More


Get years of battery life from coin cell based low power devices

Systems which need to use unobtrusive, generally hidden, often inaccessible sensors in places where there’s no power need to consider more Read More


Building a Linux-based femtocell base station using software performance engineering: Part 2

The second of a two-part series on building a wireless femtocell with a base station SoC powered by a Linux-based fast-path software architecture. Read More


Building a Linux-based femtocell base-station using software performance engineering: Part 1

First in a two part series on how to build a wireless femtocell using a single chip base-station SoC and a Linux-based fast-path architecture. Read More


Sensor basics: types, functions and applications

If you've forgotten the fundamentals of sensor technology, are new to sensor apps, or just need a handy list for reference, here is a review of the Read More


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