Safety & Security

Standards, regulations, and techniques for implementing safe and secure systems.


TrustDump: Reliable Memory Acquisition on Smartphones

A TrustZone-based memory acquisition mechanism that is capable of reliably obtaining the RAM memory and CPU registers of the mobile OS even if the Read More


Countermeasures for security vulnerability in Androids

A permission based security technique which includes a close analysis of the Android operating system call invocations including IPC and RPC Read More


Heartbleed and its impact on embedded security

The majority of the news over the past few weeks about the Heartbleed bug in OpenSSL has focused on consumer usernames and passwords security. Read More


Protecting multicore designs without compromising performance

As data rates climb and malicious software attacks escalate, traditional approaches to security will be replaced by integrating such protection Read More


Providing Root of Trust for ARM TrustZone using SRAM PUFs

Implementation and evaluation of the root of trust for the Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) provided by ARM TrustZone but using SRAM Physical Read More


Using the Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm effectively

How the Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm (ECDSA) can be used to simplify management and protection of secret keys. Read More


Secure Data Transaction Using Cryptographic Algorithms in ARM

Implementation of the open source Blowfish cryptography algorith on a 32 bit ARM LPC2148 processor and an assessment of its performance and Read More


Using innovative instructions to create trustworthy software solutions

A description of the Intel Software Guard Extensions (SGX), a new set of CPU instructions that give application and service providers of a variety Read More


Using Trusted Execution Environments in Two-factor Authentication

A comparison of the use of the hardware- based ARM TrustZone versus the Intel/AMD Trusted Execution Environment in two-factor authentication Read More


Virtualizing the Trusted Execution Environment

Design of a hypervisor for a ARMv7 smartphone that virtualizes the underlying hardware as the primary means by which to create a Trusted Read More


The Impact of Vendor Customizations on Android Security

An analysis of vendor customizations of Android devices and an assessment of their impact on overall Android security and the sources of those issues Read More


Using static analysis to make open source Web applications more secure

A case study in how static analysis can be used to find and eliminate coding errors in three popular safety critical open source applications – Read More


Adding M2M security to RTOS-enabled MCUs, MPUs or FPGAs

A brief tutorial on adding security to any connected embedded design using machine-to-machine (M2M) connectivity protocols. Read More


Security issues in the Android cross-layer architecture

A systematic analysis of the interplay among the different layers of Android to provide a simple security model of the interaction among the Read More


Intent Based Security Challenges in Android

An overview of the the major Android security problems in its message passing system which while designed to create rich, collaborative apps, also Read More


Enforcing Multiple Security Policies for Android System

A security framework for Android which consists of both mandatory access control (MAC) in the kernel layer and role-based access control (RBAC) in Read More


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