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System Integration

Board choice and the software, power, enclosure, thermal control, displays, and user interfaces to use.


Making efficient use of BGA signal routing in PCB designs

Signal escape routing from highly advanced ball-grid array (BGA) packaging is highly challenging. Embedded designers must make a multitude of Read More


Avoiding embedded PCB design defects

Printed Circuit Board defects can remain latent until failure occurs, so it is important to implement disciplined practices at the original stages of Read More


Data storage in non-volatile memory

Choosing and then incorporating the right nonvolatile random access memory (NVRAM) in your embedded design. Read More


Systems Thinking, Systems Design and Learning in Engineering Education

How educating engineering students in systems thinking and systems design requires an approach to teaching and learning in which the purpose is to Read More


Designing optimal wireless basestation MIMO antennae: Part 1 - Sorting out the confusion

In Part 1 of a two-part series, the authors delineate the various types of multiple input, multiple output (MIMO) antennae and provide some Read More


A portable multicore runtime library based on embedded industry standards

The authors discuss LibEOMP, a new portable OpenMP runtime library for multicore embedded systems that exploits the capabilities of the Multicore Read More


Single core to multicore: Addressing the system design paradigm shift with project management and software instrumentation

A new approach combining project management with software instrumentation is necessary to solve implementation issues in multicore designs. Read More


Phase-locked loops in an IC-based clock distribution system: Part 2 - Phase noise

The role of phase noise and phase jitter in an IC-based clock distribution system and how to minimize these effects. Read More


Phase-locked loops in an IC-based clock distribution system – Part 3: Other sources of phase noise

The many sources of noise in phase-locked loops in IC-based clock distribution systems. Read More


Leveraging high-volume CMOS for MEMS-based frequency control

How combining CMOS and micro-electromechanical (MEMS) devices on a single die can be used to integrate single-chip frequency-control into embedded Read More


Integrating computational thinking into the engineering curriculum

How simulation tools such as Matlab and Simulink can be used to accelerate the training of students who enter school less skilled in science, Read More


Rewriting the book on COMs: ruggedized and standardized

An analysis of the VITA 59 RSE (Rugged System-On-Module Express) standard Read More


Phase-locked loops in an IC-based clock distribution system

The hidden beauty of a PLL-based distribution system is that all the output clocks can be made to have a fixed-phase relationship to each other. Read More


Seven ways to avoid embedded PCB engineering change orders

Avoid engineering change orders in printed circuit board designs by paying attention to seven key areas where problems are likely to occur. Read More


Using clock generators/buffers to adapt your PCIe design to specific application needs

With the correct mix of PCIe clock generators and buffers, embedded systems developers can address the unique requirements of various applications. Read More


Critical guidelines for RF and microwave PCB Design

Syed W. Ali of Nexlogic explains how to design for VHF and UHF in very small PCB boards. Read More


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