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Spectrum Analyzer Fundamentals: Part II

This on-demand webinar expands on the spectrum analyzer fundamentals presented in Part 1 by explaining more specific concepts relevant to spectrum Read More


Application Lifecycle Management Demonstrations: PTC and Rolls-Royce Present: Realizing the Benefits of MBSE

In this webinar, Industry experts Hedley Apperly of PTC and Fran Thom, Head of the Software Centre of Excellence (SCoE) at Rolls-Royce share how Read More


A SerDes Balancing Act: Co-Optimizing TX and RX Equalization Settings to Maximize Margin

Increasing complexity in SerDes Tx and Rx designs requires trading off Tx and Rx equalization to maximize receiver eye margin. This involves trading Read More


Spectrum Analyzer Fundamentals: Part I

This webinar covers the architecture of a spectrum analyzer by providing a detailed description on what role each part plays in the operation of an Read More


Fundamental: BLDC System Design: Discrete vs Module Solutions

Brushless DC (BLDC) motors are replacing in many applications traditionally associated with brushed solutions, such as white goods, automobiles, and Read More


Fundamentals of Offline LED Drivers

While there have been tremendous advances in individual high-brightness LEDs, many applications such as area lighting, backlighting, or digital Read More


Smart City and Building Vision-Based Occupancy Sensing

Smart City and Smart Building applications including in-building security, parking guidance systems, and street lighting are leveraging the power of Read More


Designing with InnoSwitch™: A Revolutionary New Family of Switch-Mode Power Supply ICs

Attend this one hour webinar to learn how to design with a new technology that is revolutionizing power supply design. InnoSwitch™ power-supply ICs Read More


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