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Fundamentals of Digital Oscilloscope Usage

In this 1 hour course, Tom Dagonstino, electrical engineer and signal integrity expert, will outline briefly the basic differences between analog and Read More


AdaCore University - Learn to Program in Ada

The AdaCore University site offers pre-recorded courses and other educational content, with access to AdaCore’s GNAT Ada toolset for writing and Read More


Fundamentals of Signal and Power Isolation

This Fundamentals course will briefly look at power isolation (often required in conjunction with signal isolation) and then focus on signal Read More


Automating Test Case Selection and Execution for Chipset Testing

LSI had a large and growing number of test cases for testing different variants of chipsets, features and platforms. QA was unable to handle the Read More


Look Ma, no hands! How technology innovation is driving automotive safety and autonomous vehicles

Technology innovation is enabling new advanced driver assistance systems and capabilities that are paving the way to the autonomous car and a safer Read More


Selecting Your Next Oscilloscope

Understand the latest selection criteria, determine requirements and narrow down options when selecting the right oscilloscope. This workshop is Read More


Fundamentals of Understanding and Applying IGBTs

"Fundamentals of Understanding and Applying IGBTs" will examine the basic operation of the IGBT, and briefly compare and contrast it to the MOSFET. Read More


Secure Coding Boot Camp

Secure Coding Boot Camp Learn how to avoid software security vulnerabilities like injection flaws, memory leaks and null pointer dereferences with Read More


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