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Fundamentals of Circuit Protection: Fuses & PTCs

Circuit protection against the consequences overvoltage and overcurrent conditions, whether due to internal or external faults and failures, is Read More


Fundamentals of LTE-A: Upper Layer Functionality and Evolved Packet Core

Starting with a brief overview of the evolution of wireless, this course will then provide a look at the overall LTE-A architecture, followed by an Read More


AS8506 - Cell monitoring and balancing in stacked cell batteries: a new, simpler approach

This EduCast discusses an innovative concept for cell monitoring and cell balancing. This new concept relies on a chainable ASIC and offers an Read More


Fundamentals of Digital Oscilloscope Usage

In this 1 hour course, Tom Dagonstino, electrical engineer and signal integrity expert, will outline briefly the basic differences between analog and Read More


Oscilloscope Fundamentals, Part I

This webinar will explain the key specifications to consider when using an oscilloscope. Main topics include: - Oscilloscope Basics: How Read More


Fundamentals of Understanding and Choosing High-Power DC Connectors

Low-power, low-voltage power subsystems get considerable attention, but there's an enormous world of high-current, high-voltage designs which are Read More


Fundamentals of Embedded Wireless LAN Testing

This course will look at compliance and certification issues, and how pre-compliance testing can make the path to final approval quicker, less Read More


Magnetic Position Sensors Segmentation

This presentation from AMS' magnetic position sensors team is focused on the segmentation of magnetic position sensor. It can be used as a guide line Read More


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