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Putting FPGAs to Work in Software Radio Systems, 10th Edition

This handbook introduces the basics of FPGA technology and its relationship to SDR (Software Defined Radio) systems. Read More


Powering IoT Infrastructure Systems

This white paper examines the evolution of the multiphase converter architecture from analog to digital implementations, and compares the various Read More


What You Need to Know Before Adding Connectivity to Your Medical Device

As embedded devices (and medical devices in particular) are brought into the connected world, the challenges of security, connectivity, and Read More


DO-254 Explained

This white paper, the first in a series of DO-254-related white papers, will explore the high-level concepts and activities within the DO-254 Design Read More


Accelerating DO-254 Approval with Cadence Tools

This white paper will explore software tools as they relate to meeting the DO-254 Design Assurance Guidance for Airborne Electronic Hardware Read More


Fundamentals of Building a Test Station: Software Deployment

This guide recommends and compares different considerations and tools to address the difficulty and confusion that surrounds test system deployment. Read More


Seeing Clearly in the Fog: Fog Computing Solutions for the IoT

The growth of the Internet of Things is burdening wireless networks, running up corporate cloud costs, and exposing gaps in real-time analytics. See Read More


Miniaturizing IoT Designs

This white paper explores some of the obstacles that come with the size expectations of IoT designs, from concerns around antenna integration to new Read More


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