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Anatomy of the HDMI IP Certification Flow

This white paper outlines the HDMI IP certification flow from internal quality, functionality and interoperability testing to certification of the Read More


Finding CDC Issues Before They Find You: Advanced CDC Verification for DO-254 Compliance

Finding and addressing metastability and data incoherence around CDCs require static and dynamic analysis of FPGA designs. Aldec ALINT-PRO-CDC Read More


LVS Boxing Helps Designers Knock Out Designs Quickly

Manage performance, database size and accuracy before, during and after design. Download your free whitepaper to learn how the new Calibre nmLVS Read More


LTE and Bluetooth® in-device coexistence with WLAN

Modern mobile phones can support cellular and noncellular wireless communications standards at the same time. This application note employs Read More


Calculate Reliable LED Lifetime Performance in Optocouplers

Optocouplers are used extensively for high-voltage isolation and electrical noise rejection—two essential requirements for transmitting correct Read More


Understanding Crosstalk for Signal Integrity Applications

This white paper provides an introduction to crosstalk with a specific focus on signal integrity applications. We show why crosstalk is becoming so Read More


Spectrum Analyzer Fundamentals: Theory and Operation of Modern Spectrum Analyzers

This primer examines the theory of state-of-the-art spectrum analysis and describes how modern spectrum analyzers are designed and how they function. Read More


Oscilloscope Basics

This primer provides an overview of the basic, but most important building blocks of an oscilloscope as it relates to specifications, limitations and Read More


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