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Total Cost of Ownership Linux vs. QNX: Part 1

We present a three-part white paper series that closely examines the total cost of ownership of Linux and how that compares to a commercial Read More


Understanding LDOs and Their Key Performance Parameters

This white paper examines the key performance parameters of LDOs and their impact on delivering clean output voltage to the various devices inside an Read More


Delivering High Quality Analog Video Signals with Optimized Video DACs

The paper addresses system-level techniques that together with an optimized video DAC will enable SoC designers to deliver power-efficient and Read More


TI DLP Pico Technology for Gaming/Pachinko Applications

DLP projection technology offers many advantages for Pachinko/Pachislot applications, including enhancing the player experience as well as improving Read More


Advancing Power Supply Solutions through the Promise of GaN

One important innovation that promises to contribute significantly to meeting this goal is the use of gallium-nitride (GaN) in power applications. Read More


Configurable Logic in MCUs: Get the Most Flexibility Out of Your Microcontroller

Learn how configurable logic enables engineers to minimize board size, free up CPU resources, extend peripherals and to reduce BOM costs. Read More


7 Fatal Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing an Embedded OS

This white paper will discuss what you ought to avoid when choosing an embedded OS, without drifting off into a lot of technical details. Read More


Making Your Best Power Integrity Measurements

This application note covers helpful techniques for measuring and analyzing DC power supplies and discusses selection and evaluation of tools for DC Read More


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