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Designing for Bluetooth Low Energy Applications

Bluetooth is a core component of the IoT. Bluetooth low energy technology allows for short bursts of long-range radio connections, making it ideal Read More


High Speed Uplink Packet Access (HSUPA)

High Speed Uplink Packet Access (HSUPA) is a 3GPP release 6 feature for WCDMA. This application note introduces HSUPA concepts and explains key Read More


Fundamentals of Building a Test Station: Switching and Multiplexing

Learn about the 4 different switching architectures and determine the best strategy to meet the needs of your test system. Read More


Eliminating the Tradeoff between Protection and Signal Integrity

System designers are forced to make tradeoffs between system reliability and signal integrity. Read this technical note to learn about an innovative, Read More


Image Sensor Color Correction

This reference document describes the basic process used to obtain and correct colors from a digital image sensor. Read More


Use of Light Sensors to Enable Smart Features in Energy Efficient Electronics

This technical note discusses the use of brightness control for LCD screens to conserve energy and and deliver an appropriate amount of screen Read More


Infineon's New Concept for Cost Optimized Automotive LED Headlamp Electronics with LITIX™ Power Flex

In this webinar, Infineon shows and explains such a new approach for cost optimized LED electronic based on their new LITIX™ Power Flex DC/DC Read More


Selecting the Best Inductor for Your DC-DC Converter

This paper discusses the key performance ratings engineers need to understand and evaluate when specifying power inductors for DC-DC conversion Read More


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