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Rapid Architectural Exploration in Designing Application-Specific Processors

This white paper explains the architectural tradeoffs available to an ASIP designer, how to trade off performance vs. area, and why an ASIP design Read More


FPGA Design Unlimited

The adoption of FPGAs as a system accelerator or the central processor in end market products is increasingly driven by the lower power, higher Read More


PCI Express 4.0 Controller Design and Integration Challenges

This paper will describe the market adoption and expected use of PCIe 4.0, what is new in the specification, and the top three challenges the new Read More


Optimizing cost and performance with 3D chip/package/board co-design

The increasing complexity of SoCs ,with a new generation of designs that combine multiple chips in a single package, is creating new challenges in Read More


Virtualizing Cloud Computing With Optimized IP for NFV SoCs

This paper discusses how using the right IP accelerates the implementation of SoCs used in NFV systems. Read More


Where Does FAT Fail?

In this paper, we examine the underlying mechanisms used by the original DOS file system, some characteristics that leave it vulnerable to Read More


Characterize DUT Response to Power Disturbances

This application note focuses on ways to measure power disturbances, and compares using an oscilloscope versus using a power analyzer with dynamic Read More


Made-for-Analog Design Automation

A successful made-for-analog solution should be easy and intuitive for an analog designer to use. Such a solution would need to read in Read More


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