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A Smarter Way to Power Wearables

This paper provides an overview of a typical wearable system block design, and discusses how to increase power efficiency to extend the battery life Read More


Optimizing Battery Accuracy for EVs and HEVs

Read this white paper to learn about the decisions a system designer must make when selecting a BMS IC that can provide accurate cell measurement Read More


Ecosystem for Optimizing Energy Efficiency in Factory Production Systems

This technical article explores developing an ecosystem for optimizing energy efficiency in factory production systems. Read More


Using Static Analysis to Overcome the Challenges of Reusing Code for Embedded Software

This paper explains why software reuse is a growing problem within development organizations, why the way embedded software is developed needs to Read More


Addressing Security Vulnerabilities in Embedded Applications Using Best Practice Software Development Processes and Standards

Many embedded systems and "connected" IoT products lack proper security due to outdated software development practices. Organizations now know they Read More


How IoT is Making Security Imperative for All Embedded Software

Learn about the unique challenges of securing embedded applications and how to deploy processes and tools to deliver more secure products faster. Read More


Considerations for Selecting Common Mode Filter Chokes for High Speed Data Interfaces

This application note discusses the benefits of using common mode chokes and reviews the performance characteristics associated with their proper Read More


Designing Sensors into Battery-Powered IoT Nodes

Learn how to maximize the time the product can sense their environment on a single battery or charge. Read More


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