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Optimizing MEMS Performance in Portable Applications

Through the webinar, you will learn how MEMS can be optimized to meet these design requirements. Products and solutions by ST Microelectronics and Read More


Energy Harvesting for Low-Power Microcontroller Applications

In this webinar, you will learn when energy harvesting makes sense in an application, the characteristics of a typical system and how TI Read More


Infineon's solutions for energy efficiency improvements in induction cooking appliances

Join the webinar to see how Infineon's new RC-H5 family of discrete IGBTs make it easy to create a more efficient system. Read More


Utilizing JESD204B capable ADCs in low cost applications

Discover how JESD204B is being implemented with low cost Altera FPGAs and the Cyclone V development kit to enable rapid development and prototyping Read More


TI's SimpleLink Wi-Fi Wireless MCU makes IoT Easy

This technical session will cover key features, software and tools provided to create IoT solutions such as audio streaming, security, home and Read More


Intel® Firmware Support Package: Firmware solutions for Internet of Things

The IntelĀ® FSP is a unique, royalty-free binary piece of code that enables Intel Silicon for the customer/vendor and allowing them to concentrate on Read More


How smart thermal protection provided by LED Driver ICs helps to extend lifetime of LED lighting systems

Join the webinar and learn more about different ways to protect the lifetime of LED systems from very basic to quite advanced methods! Read More


Accelerate Your Power Designs for FPGAs and SoCs with EE-Sim's System Power Tool

In this 45 minute webinar, learn how to use a free online tool to design your multi-rail system power solution in two hours rather than two weeks. Read More


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