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Qt on Android: Is it right for you?

Join us for this webinar where you'll learn if Qt on Android makes sense for your application and how to take advantage of this powerful framework in Read More


The Future of Embedded Systems

Join this exclusive panel Webcast for a round-table discussion from industry experts from VDC, Intel, and Wind River on how embedded development is Read More


Infineon's Full System Solution for Your Cordless Power Tool Applications

This webinar will give you an overview of Infineon's system solution for Cordless Power Tools, which offers space optimized designs and cost Read More


2014 Embedded Market Study | Then, Now: What's Next

Every year UBM Tech conducts a comprehensive survey of embedded system designers in order to learn more about their trials, tribulations, issues, Read More


DDR Memory - Technology Trends and Power Solutions

This webinar, presented by subject matter experts from Texas Instruments (TI), Micron and Avnet, will highlight the most important factors to Read More


Deterministic Ethernet Backbone for Asynchronous/Synchronous Networking

Ethernet has a bright future as a deterministic networking technology for time-, safety-, and mission-critical embedded systems and critical Read More


VoLTE based on IMS: How to ensure voice quality in the field

This webinar presents the technical background to VoLTE (based on IMS) and explains how to measure voice quality in live networks. It also Read More


Case Study: Application-Specific Processors (ASIP) for the Design of Wireless SoCs

In this webinar we will use several real-world examples to highlight why ASIPs can offer computational performance close to fixed-function hardware Read More


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