8 Most Important Milestones in Embedded in 2013

December 19, 2013

JackGanssle-December 19, 2013

Oscilloscope watch

One of the coolest things this year, which actually won't be available till mid-2014, is Gabotronics oscilloscope watch. This is, or will be, a two channel scope with 8 logic analyzer inputs and a waveform generator, all worn on the arm. It will do an FFT and has all of the features one has come to expect in a tiny scope. Unlike the current generation of USB instruments that rely on a PC for display and control, the scope-watch has a tiny LCD display! The specs don't say, but it may even tell time.

Nothing will say "geek" like an oscilloscope as a fashion accessory. But, oh, man, I want one of these.

Jack G. Ganssle is a lecturer and consultant on embedded development issues. He conducts seminars on embedded systems and helps companies with their embedded challenges, and works as an expert witness on embedded issues. Contact him at jack@ganssle.com. His website is www.ganssle.com.

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