The virtual firmware game plan

January 14, 2013

USA Firmware-January 14, 2013

Virtual development is here and the timing is dead on, as more and more industries demand connected embedded systems.

We've all heard the buzz about the "Internet of Things." We all know that although cloud computing may be in its infancy, this child is a prodigy. Social media has hit its stride. So what do these three things mean to us firmware types?

It's a trifecta, my friends.

As a firmware engineer running a consultancy, I work with clients and consultants who are local but also national and even international. Location of a client no longer limits the geographic range of our businesses because we can all work remotely. But what does the client lose as a result of your team being remote? I proposed this question to the firmware consultants group that I facilitate on LinkedIn.

Here are six issues that my colleagues on LinkedIn have with working remotely, followed by my six game-plan mitigations for working in a virtual work world. Tell me in the comments section below how you handle some of these situations.

Issue 1: An inability to get to know the team on the ground better.
Game plan: We all know that getting to know the team is hard do when you're all working remotely. One thing to help is this gadget called the phone. No, it's still not as good as sitting in the office, having a beer after work, and so on. But it can be very effective in establishing a trusted relationship. The other thing we can't rule out is having at least someone from your team local so that that they can have those after work beer(s) with your clients and get to know one another face-to-face.

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