Atmel's Windows 8 Certified mXT3432S controller enables high performance touchscreens up to 17.3"

October 23, 2012

Toni_McConnel-October 23, 2012

The new Windows 8 Certified Atmel mXT3432S from Atmel Corporation is a touchscreen controller with a small footprint optimized for touchscreens up to 17.3 inches.

Atmel has collaborated with Microsoft to develop high performance touchscreen specifications to support prominent features of Windows 8. These include first-touch latency, finger separation, and support for up to 10 simultaneous touches on the screen as well as edge gestures.

The mXT3432S is Atmel’s first touch controller for Ultrabooks and notebooks featuring patented technologies. Atmel’s patented noise immunity technology ensures robust performance with various chargers in noisy environments. Atmel also offers a technology that allows the use of thinner and lighter touch sensors that do not require an extra indium tin oxide (ITO) shielding layer, reducing thickness and cost to help system designers create thinner, lighter and larger Ultrabooks and notebooks. These two technologies also result in the industry’s highest signal-to-noise ratio, enabling mXT3432S controller-based Ultrabooks and notebooks to deliver high-performance touch capabilities.

Production quantities of the Atmel mXT3432S controllers are available now.

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