iSYSTEM introduces wireless debugger

October 13, 2013

Toni_McConnel-October 13, 2013

The iONE-BT debugger from iSYSTEM allows wireless communication via Bluetooth between a target application and a PC running iSYSTEM's winIDEA debugging software. The company states the iONE-BT is the industry's first wireless debugger. The iONE-BT consists of two modules: a debug module that attaches to the target via standard connections (i.e., JTAG) and which contains a Bluetooth antenna and a Bluetooth dongle which attaches to the host PC by USB.

iSYSTEM also offers options for a SuperCap or battery power module. The SuperCap module receives its power input from the target system. While power from the target is available, it directly supplies the iONE-BT module and charges an integrated back-up energy storage element. When the target is unpowered, the iONE-BT is supplied by the back-up energy storage. The Bluetooth communication is compliant to Bluetooth standard 3.0. The transmit power is Class 2 (typ. 0dBm) with a range of approximately 10m. The bandwidth is approximately 2.1 Mbit/second. Operating voltage is 3.3V.

The system will be demonstrated for the first time at the ARM TechCon Conference and Trade Show in Santa Clara, October 30 and 31st. iSYSTEM will show the product in its Booth #623.

The iONE-BT will be first available as a debugger for the ARM Cortex-M family of microcontrollers. Other cores will be supported in the future. The debugging and trace analysis interface, winIDEA, along with options such as testIDEA, are identical for the iONE-BT as for all of the other iSYSTEM hardware debug modules, such as the iC5000.

The iONE-BT will be available for the ARM Cortex-M at the end of Q1, 2014.

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