Micrium adds debugging interfaces, data logging and IoT support to uC/Probe Graphical Live Watch

July 18, 2014

Toni_McConnel-July 18, 2014

uC/Probe Graphical Live Watch V3.3 from Micrium is a Windows-based tool that allows engineers to graphically visualize and change the behavior of embedded systems at run-time. uC/Probe is a completely agnostic tool that can be used with or without other Micrium software and on virtually any CPU/MCU.

uC/Probe V3.3 now includes an interface to Cypress PSoC4 and PSoC5 interface as well as a CMSIS-DAP interface; a debug unit to connect to the CoreSight Debug Access Port. The tool can be used by developers working with an ARM Cortex-M processor-based device to quickly create dashboards to monitor and change the behavior of a running system. uC/Probe uses the CoreSight debug hardware and now supports the widely adopted CMSIS-DAP debug interface. It therefore requires no code instrumentation.

New features of uC/Probe greatly enhance the tool's functionality. For example, the tool supports the MQTT protocol using the JSON format, which greatly simplifies the design and debugging of IoT devices, especially those without local display capabilities.

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