OSEck RTOS now available for CEVA-X, CEVA-TeakLite-III

June 04, 2008

Kenton Williston-June 04, 2008

Santa Jose, CA — Enea and CEVA, Inc. today announced the availability of Enea's OSEck real-time operating systems for the CEVA-TeakLite-III and the CEVA-X. These DSPs, together with OSEck, target multimedia and wireless baseband applications including high-definition audio, portable media players, 3G and 4G mobile handsets and VoIP residential gateways.

OSEck (OSE Compact Kernel) is a DSP-optimized version of Enea's full-featured OSE RTOS. Occupying as little as 8 kbytes of memory, OSEck delivers fully-preemptive, event-driven real-time response and features built-in error detection and handling.

For more information, visit www.ceva-dsp.com.

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