Altera’s shipping low-cost 28nm Cyclone V FPGAs

March 27, 2012

Max The Magnificent-March 27, 2012

The folks from Altera have announced that they’ve started shipping their 28-nm Cyclone V FPGAs. According to Altera “Cyclone V devices are the lowest power and lowest cost 28-nm FPGAs available on the market today.”

Integrating high functionality with low system cost and low power, the family is ideally suited for applications in the industrial, wireless, wireline, military and automotive markets.

Shipping the Cyclone V family completes Altera's release of its 28-nm tailored product portfolio which offers a broad range of devices - from the highest bandwidth to the lowest power – to meet customer's specific design needs. Watch the Cyclone V FPGAs – Now Shipping  video to get a first look at the devices.

The Cyclone V family is developed on TSMC's 28-nm Low Power (28LP) process, delivering the lowest power, lowest cost and optimal performance levels needed for today's high-volume, cost-sensitive applications. The family delivers up to 40 percent lower total power and up to 30 percent lower static power than the previous generation.

Cyclone V FPGAs offer the lowest power serial transceivers with 88-mW power consumption per channel at 5 Gbps and over 4,000-MIPS processing performance for under 1.8 W. Additionally, the family integrates an abundance of hard intellectual property blocks, such as hard memory controllers supporting 400 MHz DDR3 and PCI Express Gen2 hard IP blocks with multifunction support, to allow engineers to differentiate while reducing system costs, power and design time (view the Reducing Design, Manufacturing, and Debug Costs with Cyclone V FPGAs webcast to learn more).

To protect valuable IP investments, the family also includes comprehensive design protection with features such as a 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) with volatile and non-volatile keys.

"By completely shipping Altera tailored 28-nm product portfolio, our customers can take full advantage of the industry's most diverse product offering to meet their unique system needs for performance, power and cost," said Patrick Dorsey, director of product marketing at Altera. "As the technical challenges of greater integration, increased performance, lower power, and faster time to market become more complex, the Cyclone V family delivers the right solution for cost-sensitive, high-volume markets."

About Cyclone V FPGAs
For applications such as protocol bridging, motor control, broadcast and handheld devices, where low power and board space are concerns, Altera's Cyclone V FPGA family is an ideal fit. The family encompasses six variants allowing designers to choose the device that best meets their needs – the logic-only E, the 3.125-Gbps transceiver GX, the 5-Gbps transceiver GT, and the SE, SX and ST SoC FPGA variants with integrated dual-core ARM®-based Hard Processor System (HPS).

Altera's 28-nm Device Portfolio—Tailored for Specific Design Needs

Altera's 28-nm FPGA portfolio is a comprehensive set of devices tailored to meet customer's diverse design requirements. The portfolio provides customers with clearly differentiated solutions across its Arria V, Cyclone V, and Stratix V FPGA families and its HardCopy V ASIC family. By investing in process technology, architecture, transceiver technology, and hard IP blocks, the portfolio enables designers to meet their unique cost, performance and low-power needs with less time and effort. For more information on Altera's 28-nm product portfolio, visit


Software support is available now and engineering samples of Altera's Cyclone V FPGAs are shipping today. For additional information about the devices, visit or contact your local Altera sales representative.

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