New Tektronix oscilloscope series features 70MHz Models, full serial bus decode, advanced triggering

October 17, 2012

October 17, 2012

The MSO/DPO2000B Series of oscilloscopes from Tektronix, Inc., has all the debug advantages of full serial bus decoding and triggering and features bandwidths from 70 MHz to 200 MHz. With 1 M point record lengths, these oscilloscopes find events of interest in long records using Tektronix’ Wave Inspector to perform manual or automated search. The new series lowers the cost of serial decode, trigger, and search modules by more than 50 percent compared to previous models. In addition, the cost of adding 16 digital channels is lower than before.

The new lower-end MSO/DPO2000B Series oscilloscopes give customers using Tektronix TDS2000 Series oscilloscopes an easy upgrade path to a more capable instrument with such features as a 7-inch widescreen display, 1 GS/s sampling rate on all channels and a flexible TekVPI probe interface.

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The MSO/DPO2000B Series provides the performance and features engineers need to validate, characterize, and debug complex component and system level issues in embedded designs. This includes decode, trigger, and search support for common serial buses including I2C, SPI, RS-232, CAN and LIN. The oscilloscopes also provide advanced triggers to capture anomalies in digital systems including runt pulses, setup and hold violations and rise or fall time violations. All that functionality is packed into a portable 7 lb., 14 oz. package with a small footprint just 5.3 in. deep.

The MSO/DPO2000BSeries oscilloscopes are available now worldwide. Prices range from $1,290 US MSRP for a two-channel 70 MHz DPO2002B oscilloscope to $3,570 for a 200 MHzMSO2024 with four analog channels and sixteen digital timing channels.

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