electronica: Adeneo Embedded offers Windows Embedded Compact 7 support for Freescale’s i.MX 6 Series MPUs

November 15, 2012

Toni_McConnel-November 15, 2012

Adeneo Embedded has released the Windows Embedded Compact 7 reference board support package (BSP) for the Freescale i.MX 6 series applications processors, along with a full suite of support services.

The new BSP is designed for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) developing embedded devices using the i.MX 6 series processors, either as full proprietary hardware or leveraging 3rd party System On Module. The architecture of the BSP is fully compliant with Microsoft Production-Quality OEM Adaptation Layer (PQOAL) specifications to provide clear separations between CPU-dependent and board-dependent features. The BSP also supports features such as symmetric multiprocessing (SMP) Ethernet NDIS6 stack, and latest OpenGL GPU accelerated stack from Vivante, enabling OEMs in developing advanced and complex embedded devices.

The BSP includes the drivers for various peripherals integrated in the i.MX 6 series processor, such as hardware accelerated OpenGL support from Vivante, SMP capabilities, NDIS6 Ethernet stack or sample implementation of Multimonitor, enabling specific targeting of virtually all types of custom solutions.

The new BSP is available in a full production-ready version for customers using Windows Embedded Compact 7. OEMs can download the free binary image for evaluation, and order the source code license (including 90 days of support) from the Adeneo Embedded website.

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