TI expands sensing portfolio with Hall effect magnetic sensors

May 19, 2014

May 19, 2014

A new family of Hall effect magnetic sensors from Texas Instruments are designed for use in industrial applications ranging from position detection to motor control. The rugged and fully protected DRV5000 sensor products include digital latch, digital switch, and analog bipolar output options for such applications as brushless DC (BLDC) motor control, home security, industrial valve and damper position sensors, speed and position control loops, and flow meters.

The DRV5000 Hall effect sensor family joins TI’s growing sensing portfolio, which includes the industry’s first inductance-to-digital converter, as well as sensor and signal conditioning solutions for temperature, current, pressure, occupancy, optical sensing and others.

  • Supports a wide range of applications: Family of chopper-stabilized devices, including digital latch, digital switch and analog bipolar output options, support applications from 2.5 V to 38 V.
  • Highly reliable: All devices include reverse supply protection up to -22 V and the ability to withstand transient voltages up to 40 V.
  • Can be used in existing designs: 3-pin devices offered in two industry-standard packages are compatible with existing design architectures.
  • Temperature stability: Can support -40 C up to 125 C with minimal change in magnetic sensitivity over temperature.

The DRV5000 family is available to sample in industry-standard SOT-23, 3-pin surface mount and TO-92S, 3-pin through hole package options. The highest sensitivity digital latch device (DRV5013) is in production today.

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