Microchip launches an app store and social community for downloading and rating free PIC MCU code

Toni McConnel

October 03, 2011

Toni McConnelOctober 03, 2011

The Embedded Code Source, hosted by Microchip Technology Inc., is an application store for the embedded community that provides free software and firmware for PIC microcontrollers, along with the ability to rate and review each download. This interactive site includes free code from both Microchip and its large network of third-party developers, who are also available for expert advice and contract programming.

According to Microchip, recent surveys have shown that a majority of embedded designers consider software tools to be a critical factor in choosing a processor, and that the largest portion of most development teams is comprised of software engineers. So Microchip to make Microchip’s extensive code repository and resources of its large third-party network to provide a comprehensive, free and easily searchable resource for the embedded community. Patterned after popular mobile-application stores, the new Embedded Code Source is the result.

Designers can begin downloading from the Embedded Code Source today, by browsing its list of categories or performing a keyword search. You can also watch a YouTube video.

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