No-latency 16-bit SAR ADC offers eight channels

January 09, 2017

Susan Nordyk-January 09, 2017

A no-latency SAR (successive approximation register) ADC, the LTC2320-16 from Linear Technology offers eight simultaneously sampling channels operating at 1.5 Msamples/s. This 16-bit converter has an 8-V pk-pk differential input range and maintains a signal-to-noise ratio of 82 dB and a high common-mode rejection ratio of 102 dB when sampling input signals up to the Nyquist frequency of 750 kHz.

In addition, the LTC2320-16 achieves an integral nonlinearity of ±2 LSB typical and no missing codes at 16 bits. Operating from a single 3.3-V or 5-V supply, the device dissipates 20 mW/channel and offers nap and sleep modes to reduce power consumption to 26 µW.

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