Sensors span spectrum

January 30, 2017

Susan Nordyk-January 30, 2017

Housed in small 4.5×4.4-mm LGA packages, the AS7262 visible-light sensor and AS7263 near-infrared sensor from ams provide six calibrated spectral channels. These digital multispectral sensors can be used for material and  product authentication, product quality testing, and material content analysis in the near-infrared and visible spectrums.

Both devices deliver a calibrated digital output over an I2C or UART interface. The AS7262 visible-light sensor measures light intensity at six wavelengths: 450 nm, 500 nm, 550 nm, 570 nm, 600 nm, and 650 nm. The AS7263 operates in the near-infrared spectrum detecting 610-nm, 680-nm, 730-nm, 760-nm, 810-nm, and 860-nm infrared signatures.

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