32-bit ADC features 148 dB dynamic range

April 06, 2017

Susan Nordyk-April 06, 2017

Along with a typical integrated nonlinearity of ±0.5 ppm typical and a guaranteed maximum of 2 ppm, the LTC2500-32 SAR ADC from Linear Technology produces 148 dB of dynamic range at 61 samples/s and 104 dB at 1 Msamples/s. The converter provides two simultaneous outputs: a 32-bit digitally filtered low-noise output and a 24-bit differential plus 7-bit common-mode, 1-Msamples/s, no-latency output with overrange detection.

The no-latency output is inherently matched to the digitally filtered output, avoiding the mismatch and drift that typically occur in applications requiring an additional faster ADC to monitor signal integrity in parallel with a precision ADC. A wide input common-mode range of 0 to VREF (2.5 V to 5.1 V) and high CMRR of 128 dB enable the LTC2500-32 to interface signals with varying common mode, simplifying analog signal-conditioning requirements.

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