All engineering-related events and conferences of interest to embedded systems developers.


Meet the Brain Behind ESC Boston 2017

Assuming all goes well, ten lucky ESC attendees will receive their very own Bodacious Brain Prototyping Kits to play with. Read More


Who, What, When & Where at ESC Boston 2017?

Over the years, a tradition has been established of meeting up the evening before ESC to grab a bite to eat and share tall tales. Read More


Papers invited for ESC Minneapolis and ESC Silicon Valley 2017

The 'Call for Papers' portals are now open for ESC Minneapolis in November and ESC Silicon Valley in December. Read More


Space and security are keynote topics at ESC Boston 2017

The Embedded Systems Conference has you covered, from securing the smallest IoT device to taking humankind into deep space. Read More


Prepare to network furiously at ESC Boston 2017

Do you live in the Boston area? If so, you really should attend the Embedded Systems Conference to network furiously with your peers. Read More


It's alive! It's alive! (The schedule for ESC Boston 2017)

The full schedule for the forthcoming Embedded Systems Conference (ESC) in Boston, May 3-4, 2017, is now available online. Read More


Brain-boggler at ESC Boston 2017

At ESC Boston 2017, Max will be discussing the various design decisions leading to the implementation of the artificial neural network powering his Read More


2017 Embedded Markets Study results at ESC Boston, but first...

The portal just opened for this year's survey, so this is your chance to contribute your hard-earned knowledge regarding what's really going on in Read More


Don’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity at ESC Boston 2017

This will be your last chance to see Max the Magnificent in the waning years of his sixth decade! Read More


Futuristic Embedded Technologies at ESC Boston 2017

As always, embedded systems designers will be at the forefront when it comes to implementing next-generation technologies in real-world applications. Read More


Bodacious Brain Meets ESC Boston 2017

At ESC Boston 2017, Max will be discussing the various design decisions leading to the implementation of the 3D neural network powering his Bodacious Read More


I met my new MOM at ESC Silicon Valley

After a ~9.5 year mission travelling ~2,974,585,824 miles, the New Horizons space probe reached its destination 86 seconds early and only ~20 miles Read More


ESC Silicon Valley Tutorial: A novel hands-on approach to learning FPGA design

Attendees will first create a Verilog representation of an LFSR, and then upload this (and an 8-bit MCU) into an FPGA-based Arduino-compatible Read More


Dissecting an artificial brain at ESC Silicon Valley

ESC will provide the perfect opportunity for embedded engineers to noodle (dare we say "brain-stem-storm") the Bodacious Brain project. Read More


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