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Programmable logic meet-up was a mega-success

The programmable meet-up at ESC Minneapolis was a great success; so much so that we'll definitely be doing this sort of thing at future ESCs, Read More


Call for speakers extended until 20 Nov for ESC Boston 2016

The gate keepers have been instructed to re-open the submissions portal, which means you have two extra weeks to collect your thoughts and submit a Read More


NASA's Darrel Raines to Give ESC Minneapolis Keynote

Darrel will be giving his keynote -- Orion Multipurpose Crew Vehicle Overview: Embedded Flight Software -- on Wednesday, November 4, from 12:00 to Read More


FPGA-based XLR8 (think "Arduino on steroids") to appear at ESC Minneapolis

Although it has the same footprint and clock frequency as a regular Arduino, the FPGA-based XLR8 can accelerate things like floating-point math and Read More


Programmable Logic Meet-up at ESC Minneapolis

This is an informal networking session that is open to anyone who is in any way interested in, or involved in, programmable logic. Read More


Altium's CircuitMaker saves the day for Max & Duane at ESC Minneapolis

The problem with some free PCB tools is that they have size, layer-count, and net-count limitations; happily, Altium's CircuitMaker acknowledges no Read More


Top secret 15% discount code for ESC Minneapolis

Anyone in possession of this top secret code can bounce over to the ESC Registration Page and get 15% off the current rate for a Full Conference Pass. Read More


The dark side of the IoT meets ESC

As Darth Vader might have said: "Assembly may be your father, and C may be your mother, but Python is your destiny!" Read More


New Horizons & Pluto meet ESC & Kevin Bacon

What are the chances that you know someone who knows someone who designed some of the imaging sensors used on the New Horizons space probe? Read More


FPGAs in embedded systems: It just keeps getting easier

FPGA vendors are giving rise to a new breed of SoC-based FPGAs that combine the power of advanced microprocessor cores with the programmable fabric Read More


Awesome Arduino Show & Tell at ESC Minneapolis 2015

This session will feature engineers and makers presenting their home-built, Arduino-based devices and explaining how they were constructed. Read More


Surprise for the unsung heroes of ESC

The only way the ESC technical content director can survive the ordeal is with the help of his or her technical advisory committee in the form of the Read More


Fantastical Theatre sessions announced for ESC Minneapolis

The Fantastical Theatre sessions are open to all Embedded System Conference (ESC) attendees, including those sporting a Free Demo Hall Pass. Read More


Travelling 10,000 km to visit ESC Silicon Valley

In which we discover how three embedded designers from New Zealand trekked around the globe to attend ESC Silicon Valley. Read More


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