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All engineering-related events and conferences of interest to embedded systems developers.


Shhh! Secret code gets 20% discount for ESC Silicon Valley 2015

Max has finagled a top-secret-squirrel code for the forthcoming ESC Silicon Valley 2015 that will get 20% off All-Access, Conference, and Hardware Read More


Heads Up! RTOS Smackdown at ESC Silicon Valley 2015

In which seven of the leanest, meanest, coolest, hottest contenders in the RTOS multi-universe will take it in turns to explain why their RTOS is the Read More


ESC Silicon Valley 2015 Heads Up: Obfuscated C Code

One of the longest running contests on the Internet, the IOCCC awards those who submit the most obfuscated working C program in 4096 bytes or less. Read More


ESC Minneapolis 2015 schedule is live!

Someone just asked Max to pick his 'Top 10' list from the ESC Minneapolis 2015 technical program; a difficult choice indeed! Read More


Time's running out to submit papers for ESC Minneapolis!

The deadline for submitting presentation proposals for ESC Minneapolis is Friday 17 April, 2015, so don't delay, do it today! Read More


Are you a university lecturer or a student in the Boston area? If so, ESC 2015 has something for you!

How exciting! We are currently looking for professors and students to attend our ESC Boston 2015 event through our Embedded Education Program. Read More


ESC Boston 2015 Heads Up! Embedded systems that glow in the dark

At ESC Boston 2015, Max Maxfield will be giving a presentation on how radiation can affect electronic components and systems, and how hardware and Read More


ESC Silicon Valley 2015 Heads Up! Using Arduinos & ChipKITs for rapid prototyping

At ESC Silicon Valley 2015, Duane Benson will be giving a presentation on his experiences in using the Arduino for the rapid prototyping of his Read More


Baking Pis in Africa (and talking about it at ESC Minneapolis)

Do you want to hear tall tales of rafting the Nile and driving 8,000 miles from Nairobi to Johannesburg and back in the name of product testing? Read More


ESC Boston 2015 Heads Up! See Renowned Inventor Dean Kamen

Attendees to the forthcoming ESC Boston 2015 will be able to attend a presentation by Renowned Inventor Dean Kamen titled: "The Luke Arm and Other Read More


I'm Feeling Insecure; Thank Goodness for ESC!

Forewarned is forearmed, so thank goodness we have the Embedded Systems Conference (ESC) to teach us all about securing our embedded systems. Read More


ESC Boston 2015 Heads Up! Designing IoT security from the ground up!

At ESC Boston 2015, Hugo Fiennes will be giving a presentation describing the best practices for designing IoT security from the ground up. Read More


Podcast on embedded systems, ESC Boston, big data, machine learning, and so much more...

It's a funny old world, because Max just found himself as the featured guest on a technology podcast. Read More


ESC Boston 2015 Heads Up! Is there an Arduino Debugger in the House?

At ESC Boston 2015, Guido Bonelli will be giving a talk describing how building his Arduino-based Orbis Kinetic Sculpture caused him to design the Read More


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