All engineering-related events and conferences of interest to embedded systems developers.


Meet the forthcoming AI revolution at ESC Silicon Valley 2017

The process of biomimicry -- applying natural intelligence principles to software strategies -- is what is going to turn our devices into companions. Read More


Learn to fear artificial intelligence at ESC Minneapolis 2017

In her keynote presentation at ESC, Distinguished Professor Maria Gini will explore the state of the art in intelligent systems and discuss future Read More


Teardown of Apple's iPhone 8 at ESC Silicon Valley 2017

During his keynote presentation, Kyle Wiens will discuss the Right to Repair as he tears down Apple's iPhone 8 and compares it to competing offerings. Read More


Dialing in to ESC Minneapolis 2017

Few things provide more style and chic than to use a retro rotary telephone controller to enter data into one's Countdown Clock. Read More


Eeek! DNA-born malware at ESC Minneapolis 2017

Using widely available tools, biohackers could embed malware in synthesized strands of DNA that would allow them to take over the computer analyzing Read More


Time is running out to speak at ESC

The 'Call for Papers' portals for ESC Minneapolis in November and ESC Silicon Valley in December will close their doors on Friday, June 9. Read More


ESC Boston: You should have been there!

Many people fail to attend ESC because they are "too busy to go." As we see in this column, some of them live to regret their decision. Read More


Meet the Brain Behind ESC Boston 2017

Assuming all goes well, ten lucky ESC attendees will receive their very own Bodacious Brain Prototyping Kits to play with. Read More


Who, What, When & Where at ESC Boston 2017?

Over the years, a tradition has been established of meeting up the evening before ESC to grab a bite to eat and share tall tales. Read More


Papers invited for ESC Minneapolis and ESC Silicon Valley 2017

The 'Call for Papers' portals are now open for ESC Minneapolis in November and ESC Silicon Valley in December. Read More


Space and security are keynote topics at ESC Boston 2017

The Embedded Systems Conference has you covered, from securing the smallest IoT device to taking humankind into deep space. Read More


Prepare to network furiously at ESC Boston 2017

Do you live in the Boston area? If so, you really should attend the Embedded Systems Conference to network furiously with your peers. Read More


It's alive! It's alive! (The schedule for ESC Boston 2017)

The full schedule for the forthcoming Embedded Systems Conference (ESC) in Boston, May 3-4, 2017, is now available online. Read More


Brain-boggler at ESC Boston 2017

At ESC Boston 2017, Max will be discussing the various design decisions leading to the implementation of the artificial neural network powering his Read More


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