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Silicon Labs IoT kits speed enviromental/biometric sensor design

Targeting the real-world wireless sensor based Internet of Things, SiLab's pair of develpment kits are for speeding up the implementation of a Read More


Intel wearables challenge goes new age

Intel Corp. has announced the finalists in its "Make It Wearable" challenge, the winner of which will in November win $500,000. Read More


Andes gets ready to take on ARM/Android

Even with ARM reigning as king of the CPU IP market and Android dominating mobile operating systems, Taiwan-based Andes Technology thinks there is Read More


An Android Wear wearables Slideshow

A slideshow of real-world examples of almost-ready-to-ship Android Wear devices Google has rolled out. Read More


New App brings iPhone access to Modbus TCP I/O modules

Available on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch, Sealevel's Modbus Connect allows a developer to configure its Modbus devices remotely. Read More


Battery start-up boosts energy density 2-fold on lithium-ion cells

Sakti3 claims it has produced a lithium-ion battery cell that could double the usage time of mobile and wearable devices and double the range of Read More


10 cheap (mostly Android) moble engineer app tools

A slideshow of some of the many engineering apps available on mobile phones and devices. Read More


HVEC, VP9 in close battle for video codec leadership

The battle between HEVC and VP9 for video codec dominance will be close with room in the market for both - at least in the short term. Read More


Google Glass and lookalikes find niche in medical apps

Head-mounted displays (HMDs) like Google Glass, Epson's Moverio, and Recon's Jet combined with Thalmic's Myo armband find real world applications in Read More


Graphics startup aims to disrupt mobile raytracing with 1w core

Silicon Arts showed off at Siggraph and HotChips its RayCore proof of concept graphics core that uses a latency hiding technique to reduce Read More


When is a subsystem not like Intellectual Property?

An understanding of what makes subsystems more than just "bigger IP," will help embedded developers implement better, more effective and lower cost Read More


Timing closure, trails and sleep

How the chip designer solves tough design problems while mountain biking in Idaho through the syncopated cadence of breathing and pedaling. Read More


Uncle Sam's plans for Vehicle-to-vehicle communications

NHSTA report reveals U.S. plans to require all new passenger cars have vehicle-to-vehicle communications for its many safety benefits. Read More


New framework proposed to extend Android security

New framework makes it easier for users - and developers - of new apps to plug into the Android Linux platform's security enhancements. Read More


NI brings more data analysis to its LabVIEW 2014 tool

National Instruments has added new features for acquiring, visualizing and then analyzing data collected in many complex embedded systems. Read More


Microcontroller market is resurging

There's a boom in microcontroller sales, much of it due to explosive growth in the 8-bit MCU sector, as well as in 32-bit architectures. Read More


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