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RSA speakers offer IoT security warnings

Security was in focus at RSA Conference with top cryptographers, the Secretary of Homeland Security and others sharing views on everything from IoT Read More


IP mesh network runs on solar energy

Linear Technology's SmartMesh IP embedded wireless mesh network demonstrates the use of solar energy to power industrial, maintenance-free Internet Read More


Vendors float Bluetooth connectivity alternatives

At Bluetooth World, Google, CSR and Nordic Semi proposed separate ways to link a rising tide of Bluetooth devices into the Internet of Things. Read More


Wearables scavenge body energy

Researchers at North Carolina State University are developing nanotechnology-enabled energy harvesting and storage for ultra-low power sensors. The Read More


Fast-recharging battery combines aluminum, liquid electrolyte

Stanford University has built a flexible battery made from aluminum foil, graphite and liquid salt, making it safe as well as adaptable to any form Read More


Codec leverages parallel processing

V-Nova will next week at NAB demonstrate a new video codec called Perseus. It's designed to do hierarchical and scalable video encoding by leveraging Read More


RTOS seeks to ease IoT device design

Automated power management and built-in drivers allow this RTOS to greatly simplify IoT design. Read More


Memory density reaches new high

IBM set yet another world record in recording density on magnetic tape, maintaining its dominance for archiving and backup, even in the cloud. Read More


Samsung Galaxy S6 teardown shows strategy

Samsung has invested in maturing its Shannon architecture and as such has ousted Qualcomm and others as the phone's core chipset and system Read More


ZigBee over Thread targets IP networking

The Thread group and the ZigBee Alliance will define a spec to run the application-level Zigbee Cluster Library over native-IP Thread networks. Read More


Is deep learning SoC game-changer?

Deep learning is changing the way computers see, hear and identify objects -- but will it ever migrate into smartphones or vision SoCs for cars? Has Read More


Researchers find large power cuts

Researchers at the University of Illinois invented the worlds first on/off transceiver fast enough for commercialization, saving up to $870 million Read More


Security remains top concern in embedded Linux

Linux needs greater security, unity and interoperability to meet its potential in the emerging Internet of Things said speakers at the Embedded Linux Read More


3D NAND gains traction

Micron and Intel have co-developed a 3-D flash NAND chip sampling now that is denser than the parts Samsung has been shipping since July. Read More


Apple propels Bosch to MEMS dominance

Bosch grew its MEMS revenue by 20% in 2014, with sales revenues totaling $1.2 billion, according to Yole. Yole now calls Bosch a future MEMS titan, Read More


Processing on the edge with single-chip FPGA-based solutions

The idea here is to perform 'processing on the edge' -- to analyze a video stream and to only transmit useful information like 'Send help -- a car Read More


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