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No clear winner among IoT frameworks

No winner emerged among competing application frameworks for the Internet of Things at CES, leaving analysts calling for a truce. Read More


Google's accelerates deep learning for mobile devices

Google will buy Movidius vision processing chips and license the entire Movidius software development environment. Google's goal is to expand its Read More


Working group aims for Linux multicore framework standard

A new working group will shepherd the OpenAMP framework for supporting multiple operating systems and processors within a system. Read More


Bleak security outlook

The rise of the Internet of Things with more devices and data means many more security breaches are ahead but so are more secure SoCs, said an expert Read More


Embedded standards address aerospace challenges

Standards-based modular systems continue to expand their range of applications in rugged and safety-critical systems design. Read More


Wi-Fi variant targets IoT

A version of Wi-Fi tuned to the needs of low-power, low-cost, long range is one step closer to availability. Read More


64-bit quad-core processor targets IoT, smart home

Broadcom announced a 64-bit quad-core processor for high-end routers during International CES, held here Jan. 6-9. The processor will target smart Read More


Planet-scale sensor network described

Omron Corp. has developed the components for a sensor network that covers the Earth, preventing disasters before they happen and keeping tabs on all Read More


Vendors race for IoT network coverage

Low power wide area networks for the Internet of Things have been attracting new entrants and investors at a heady pace with unannounced offerings Read More


Framework scales supercomputing to IoT

Intel is defining a scalable system framework that all its vendors can participate in to create and interoperable ecosystem for all computers, from Read More


MEMS for thoroughbreds

Horse Sense's Pegasus does the same kind of tracking, posture recording and monitoring as Dairymaster's MooMonitor does for cows, plus it measures Read More


ARM shows Mbed muscle

RTOS and MCU makers debated the expanding reach and partnerships for Mbed, ARM's free operating system for the Internet of Things. Read More


Ambiq takes lead in low-power MCU race

MCU vendors have been leapfrogging one another in low-power claims, but one has now jumped well out in front. Read More


Smartphones get gas sensor

Cambridge CMOS Sensors Ltd. claims to have a 1-by-1 millimeter die that can sense any pollution gas, in a package small enough to fit inside any Read More


More Intel inside IoT

Intel filled out its platform for the Internet of Things with a new SoC, two microcontrollers and software for end node operating systems as well as Read More


Flash technology goes extreme

Micron Technology has a new flash memory technology that it claims will replace all NOR flash architectures over the next few years. Read More


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