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Processing on the edge with single-chip FPGA-based solutions

The idea here is to perform 'processing on the edge' -- to analyze a video stream and to only transmit useful information like 'Send help -- a car Read More


Amazon drones to take off but FAA clips wings

Amazon received an experimental airworthiness certificate from the FAA, but is it a breakthrough?. Not so much. Here's why Amazon Prime Air's dream Read More


Industrial IoT drives Microsemi-Vitesse merger

Microsemi Corp. will acquire Vitesse Semiconductor Corp. for $389 million to focus on communications semiconductors. On horizon is the MIPS vs. ARM Read More


HSA releases version 1.0 spec

The AMD-led Heterogeneous Systems Architecture Foundation has finished its 1.0 spec, turning attention to what SoCs will support it. Read More


Smart glasses go to work

Epson, Google, Sony and others are seeking traction for their smart glasses among business users, according to exhibitors at an event on wearable Read More


Marvell CEO: The tinkerer at the top

Marvell CEO has been obsessed with a computer architecture that's unchanged for decades. Why must its progress depend on more memory and faster CPU? Read More


Engineers push for better documentation

Everyone benefits from good documentation. So why does so much of it suck, and how can companies do better? Read More


Techspotting at MWC

The Mobile World Congress has literally morphed into the Everything Connected Show. What we saw ranged from foldable connected electric bicycle to Read More


No PUF piece for bad actors

The Fraunhofer Institute for Applied and Integrated Security (AISEC) is developing a very versatile and flexible form of Physically Unclonable Read More


KinomaJS turns open source

Marvell has open-sourced its software crown jewel, KinomaJS. Marvell, which has been using JavaScript-based Kinoma, developed by ex-Apple Team, hopes Read More


Vulkan updates OpenGL graphics API

With new proprietary graphics interfaces out from AMD, Apple and Microsoft, Khronos Group is previewing Vulkan as an open follow on to OpenGL. Read More


SoC vision for accident-free cars

Along with advanced vision algorithms and sensor data fusion features, a new Freescale SoC provides protection against external wireless attacks. Read More


Low-power wireless MCUs gain options

Wireless device developers now have a new range of RF options that are low-power and easy to design with. Read More


Freescale bears down on IoT security

Security is a major concern in the Internet of Things, and Freescale intends to provide developers with the answers. Read More


Silicon Labs targets Blue Gecko with new 32-bit MCUs for IoT

At Embedded World, Silicon Labs introduced first in a series of 32-bit IoT SoCs that will include a family of Sub-GHz wireless products, a family Read More


Flex Logix turns FPGA/MCU-based SoC design upside down

Flex Logix Technologies has a revolutionarly FPGA core design for upgrading silicon that will change the way SoC designers implement a mix of Read More


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