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Curtiss-Wright includes DO-160 aviation testing to Parvus products at no additional cost

Curtiss-Wright Corporation has announced that its Defense Solutions division has expanded the standard environmental testing regimen for its Read More


IEEE working on new software and SoC power management modeling specs

IEEE P2415 and IEEE P2416 have been created to augment existing standards for low-power design and verification methodologies for system-on-chip. Read More


MIPI Alliance releases new PHY spec and some upgrades

Release of new MIPI Alliance C-PHY Specification and updates to its D-PHY and M-PHY specs expands its family of physical layer Specifications for Read More


The iPhone 6's future roadmap revealed

Jorden Edelson, CEO of Appitizer, one of top ten mobile app developers, claims to have the inside story on how the future software apps will be more Read More


IEEE-2700-2014 datasheet spec aids MEMS sensor hub design

IEEE 2700-2014 - the first IEEE microelectromechanical system (MEMS) standard -- standardizes the specs of MEMS and other sensors so designers will Read More


Silicon Labs makes Internet infrastructure clock tree design easier

The company has a new Web-based utility so that embedded developers without timing expertise can generate custom clock tree recommendations in Read More


eSOL adapts its eMCOS RTOS to autonomous driving technology platform

eSOL has joined the Urban Driving Working Group (UDWG) that was launched in the Internet ITS Consortium. Read More


Important embedded programming languages

Colin Walls provides an overview of five software programming languages he thinks are most important to embedded developers and why. Read More


GaAs: sucessor to silicon for nextgen VLSI?

According to a former Bell Labs scientist, now co-founder and chief scientist at POET, gallium arsenide (GaAs) will soon outpace silicon (Si) as a Read More


New runaway Toyota case before U.S. DOJ and NHTSA

Just as the memory of Toyota's unintended acceleration cases begin to fade, the National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration is being ask to Read More


IEEE 2700-2014 specifies sensor performance in consumer electronics technologies

IEEE has announced availability of the IEEE 2700-2014 Standard for Sensor Performance Parameter Definitions, recently approved by the IEEE Read More


Writing a simple cooperative scheduler

For many MCU-based applications an RTOS is overkill; a simple cooperative scheduler will fit the requirements just as easily. Read More


QuickLogic lowers power on smartphone/wearable sensor hubs

Quicklogic claims its second generation 150 uW/1.2 v ArcticLink 3 S2 delivers 2X programmable logic capacity, 4X Computational Performance, 4X Read More


Broadcom moves into sensor hubs with combo chip

Broadcom claims its BCM4773 is the first sensor hub that delivers both always-on location sensing with basic mobile sensor management functions. Read More


Things to like and to not like about Apple's Watch

After a series of smartwatch flops by other companies and increasing wariness and weariness about wearable electronics will the Apple Watch change Read More


Designing a UART in MyHDL and test it in an FPGA

How to use the MyHDL free, open-source Python library as a hardware discription language to generate a VHTL or Verilog represention of a Universal Read More


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