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Building an IoT Project with Intel Galileo and Node.js

How to build Internet of Things (IoT) projects that target specific Intel boards and interact with Arduino shields and modules. Read More


Weightless IoT group moves from white space to N-space

While the Weightless SIG has not abandoned 900 MHz wireless where it is competing with the 802.11ah WiFi standard, it is shifting some of its effort Read More


EEMBC Benchmark tests truth of ultra-low power claims

The Embedded Microprocessor Benchmark Consortium (EEMBC) today announced the availability of the first version of EEMBC ULPBench. Read More


Slideshow: Taipei bets on smartphone as IoT hub

At the Taitronics Taipei International Electronics Show firms were focused on the Internet of Things, cloud computing and smart living, using the Read More


Encrypting the Optical Transport Network

There is growing interest in the notion of adding encryption to provide privacy and tamper detection on OTN systems with minimal added latency. Read More


Network data speeds keep going up

Unlike most IEEE standards, which can take years to develop, the 25 Gb/s could move more rapidly as its signaling and single-lane technology was Read More


Slideshow - Infineon's Factory of the Future

A recent visit to Infineon's 200mm fabs in Dresden is surprising on two levels: the commitment to its older fabs and the level of "factory Read More


Synopsys ARC HS38 core gives 2X boost to Linux-based apps

Follow-on to the ARC 770D Core incorporates support for 40-bit Physical Addresses and L2 Cache and is optimized for auto, home networks and Read More


GSMA issues guidelines for IoT on cellular networks

The international mobile platform association has developed guidelines for how Internet of Things can be connected to mobile networks without Read More


Slideshow - The Exceptional Hardware & Software Show

Rather than a conference centered on guzzwords such as cloud computing, the The Exceptional Hardware and Software Meeting (EHSM) focuses on "pushing Read More


Biology, Deceit and IoT security

Security techniques in the Internet have largely drawn inspiration from physical security. However, there are other possible sources of inspiration, Read More


Failure modes of wearable IoT electronics

What developers need to know about the environments and issues that impact wearable electronics and the methodologies necessary for assuring Read More


Automotive data transport: no longer MOST vs. Ethernet

There is no need to make a hard choice between MOST and Ethernet, as their combination results in a system that takes the advantages of each without Read More


IoT security advice: trust no one

At ARM TechCon, Green Hills Software's CTO Dave Kleidermacher provided some practical advice and design guidelines for IoT developers that can help Read More


Slideshow: Maxim shows off IoT chips, reference designs

At its annual demo day, Maxim Integrated showed off more than a dozen reference designs and chips, many geared for use in industrial or consumer Read More


Design Challenges of New Battery Chemistries for Mobile Devices

As more energy is needed for smaller, thinner handsets, and app processors and 4G networks continue to up power demands, higher-density chemistries Read More


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