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Vision processors take the wheel

Self driving cars are steering toward a 2022 market, fueling an emerging class of visual processors, said an analyst on the eve of an annual Read More


Researchers power computer with water droplets

After nearly a decade in the making, researchers at Stanford University have developed a synchronous computer that operates using the movement of Read More


Researchers create software-based voltage regulation

Instead of using a higher-speed application processor or a dedicated co-processor just for voltage regulation, reasearchers demonstrate how to reduce Read More


Flash summit speakers offer roadmap

The Flash Memory Summit provided a look back at the start of the solid-state drive as well as the future for SSDs, flash and memory chips beyond. Read More


IoT network concerns

The Internet of Things lacks a wide area network with broad coverage and low cost, according to a panel of experts who spoke at the recent ESV SV Read More


Expanded wide-area IoT spec

The Weightless SIG has a new standard in the works, for two-way, low-power, wide-area networking in the IoT. Read More


Thread Group debuts tech spec

The Thread Group is gathering momentum, laying a foundation for much needed unity in Internet of Things, and rolling out the networking layer Read More


ARM shares IoT wish list

With his company dominating the market for processor cores in mobile systems, ARM chief executive Simon Segars has his eyes set on the Internet of Read More


MEMS maker targets wearables

Microelectromechanical system (MEMS) accelerometers designed specifically for the low-power requirements of battery-powered wearables to extend their Read More


DAC 2015 discusses insecure radio links and the end of Moore's Law

This recap from DAC 2015, taking place this week in San Francisco, covers radio security, the end of Moore's Law, FinFETs, and more. Read More


JEDEC okays hybrid NVDIMM module standard

Standards for two modules will be published before the year is out and demonstrates JEDEC shift to addressing the entire computing architecture, not Read More


Google showcases Android M, Brillo OS

Developers were audibly excited by the bevy of improvements and added features on the newest Android release, Android M. Google is unlikely to have Read More


AI technologies back smarter factories

The German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) has 47 years of experience in smart decision support, smart crowd control, the smart Read More


Framework offers secure domains on virtualized MIPS-based cores

Imagination Technologies announced OmniShield, a framework for hardware-backed security covering any virtualized hardware blocks. Read More


Crowdfunding boosts IoT startups

Wearable startups are getting more attention these days -- from chip makers, vendors, consumers, and even some venture capitalists - and there's a Read More


Chinese consumers losing interest in wearables?

Chinese designers know they've got to rethink wearables in a market where 45.7 percent of consumers stop using their wearables within a month. In six Read More


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