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New framework proposed to extend Android security

New framework makes it easier for users - and developers - of new apps to plug into the Android Linux platform's security enhancements. Read More


NI brings more data analysis to its LabVIEW 2014 tool

National Instruments has added new features for acquiring, visualizing and then analyzing data collected in many complex embedded systems. Read More


Microcontroller market is resurging

There's a boom in microcontroller sales, much of it due to explosive growth in the 8-bit MCU sector, as well as in 32-bit architectures. Read More


Targeting mobile wearables: A Q&A with ARM

An interview with ARM's David Maidment on how the company is supporting licensees of its architecture in the mobile computing who want to expand Read More


Teardown: Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 - GPS Edition

A teardown of the Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 – GPS Edition found that the $349.99 device has a bill of materials cost of $137, including the GPS Flight Read More


Five reasons to cancel your design project

Canceled development projects are not good things. They represent lost investment in terms of money and people. But here are five situations when Read More


PRQA releases QA·C++ V3.2 with more C++ 2011 coverage

QA·C++ 3.2 delivers extended C++’11 coverage, improves enforcement of secure coding best practices, increases range of metrics and eases Read More


Does Moore's Law have any limits?

As we approach atomic scale limits in transistor size, many see the handwriting on the wall: When you get down to one atom per memory cell, Moore's Read More


Micro Digital is offering free SMX Learning Kits

Micro Digital is offering free SMX Learning Kits (L-Kits) for non-commercial purposes such as RTOS study, class projects, system prototypes, and Read More


STmicro steps up to high volume with MEMS tracking tag

Gearing up to meet an expected demand in excess of 1 million tags a year, ST Micro and Bluechip have gone into high volume production on the device. Read More


Experimeting with an XMOS multicore MCU

An under-the-hood look at the XMOS multicore 32 bit MCU by a die-hard 8-bit MCU user. Read More


Nine peaks from the Flash Summit

New uses for flash controllers, the significance of the still invisible Samsung V-NAND and the long road ahead for next-generation non-volatile Read More


Woz's take on smart watches, engineering and everything

In a recent interview, Steve Wozniak, the designer of the original Apple personal computer, was in top form, firing off opinions on everything from Read More


RISC-V: The case for an open ISA standard for SoCs

While instruction set architectures (ISAs) may be proprietary for historical or business reasons, there is no good technical reason for the lack of Read More


IBM Puts Brain SyNAPSE on a chip

The most brain-like computer chip to date has been built by IBM for the Defense Advanced Research Project Agency's (DARPA's) Systems of Neuromorphic Read More


FMI standard 2.0 integrates simulation models

FMI standard 2.0 is an open, manufacturer-independent interface that lets the user integrate simulation models from different modeling tools into one Read More


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