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Power management market opens opportunities for innovators

Incumbent suppliers of power-management ICs have an opportunity to greatly improve efficiency and integration, or lose market to rising stars. Read More


Sensor net experts offer advice

Two experts share real-world experiences designing and securing wireless sensor networks for the Internet of Things. Read More


ESC Boston: Robots could extend satellite missions

At ESC Boston, NASA's Benjamin Reed laid out the plan to get more out of our satellites by sending robots up to service them. Read More


ESC Boston: Frictionless frameworks for design

To create the technologies to make the future we want possible, designers should follow maker's lead, according to ESC Boston keynote speaker Kipp Read More


Data costs may hobble IoT

IoT system designers and service providers often don't realize until much too late in the design cycle that their data costs are quickly spiraling Read More


ESC Boston: Licensing may limit open source's benefits

Using open-source software can reduce development cost and effort, but pay close attention to the licenses involved. Read More


IoT sensor platform spec emerges

Six top IoT companies have come together and released specifications for M2.COM, a new module platform that will accelerate the deployment of sensor Read More


Evidence said lacking for road-readiness of self-driving cars

Prof. at Duke Univ. laid out seven limitations in current self-driving car technologies, tests, and evaluations--enough to make the public question Read More


Semiconductor shipments aim for trillion unit mark

Milestone expected to cap 40 years of growth averaging 9% per year. Read More


Security experts talk Apple v FBI

Government, industry and tech experts were among those commenting on the Apple-FBI case and the future of cryptography at the RSA Conference. Read More


MCU benchmarks target power, security

The Embedded Microprocessor Benchmark Consortium (EEMBC) trade group plans to embrace the Internet of Things with two forthcoming benchmarking Read More


Vendors accelerate race for low-power IoT network standards

Ingenu, LoRa and Sigfox announced new partners at the Mobile World Congress as the low-power wide area networks vie with cellular to connect the Read More


Narrowband offerings aim at IoT

In response to increasing competition from non-cellular players such as LoRa Alliance and Sigfox, cellular network operators will return to the Read More


Cyborgflora to take root?

Research into organic electronics has given a whole new meaning to the terms "power plants" and "flower power." Read More


No clear winner among IoT frameworks

No winner emerged among competing application frameworks for the Internet of Things at CES, leaving analysts calling for a truce. Read More


Google's accelerates deep learning for mobile devices

Google will buy Movidius vision processing chips and license the entire Movidius software development environment. Google's goal is to expand its Read More


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