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Silicon summit looks ahead

Moore's law may last longer than originally thought, although semiconductor revenues remain stuck in mid-single-digit growth, said speakers at ISS. Read More


Dev kit retrofits IoT

Bosch unveils Internet of Things (IoT) innovations at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2017). Read More


ARM highlights Renault's Twizy

At this year's CES, ARM brought Renault's Twizy to its booth, typically full of mobile devices. Calling Twizy the world's first OEM open-source Read More


A frog, a dog, and Richard Feynman walk into your cranium

Understanding how the brain works led physicist Ransom Stephens to his approach to problem solving. Read More


VR APIs in the works

A new Khronos working group will define APIs for virtual reality products to ease writing and optimizing applications and device drivers. Read More


ARM's TechCon message: Think big

ARM's annual event was all about building and securing the Internet of Things with help from Softbank. Read More


What's next with Qualcomm?

Now that Qualcomm has announced its NXP acquisition, it's time to examine the deal's potential consequences. Qualcomm, $35 billion chip company, will Read More


Auto industry gives mixed response on validity of security threat

Earlier this week, when the Department of Transportation laid out cybersecurity guidance for carmakers, U.S. Transportation Secretary called Read More


LTE gains traction in the IoT

Qualcomm said AT&T, Verizon and five module makers will use its chip for Cat-M1 and NB1 trials this year and commercial services in 2017. Read More


ARM addresses engineering education gap

Between what engineering schools teach and industry needs, ARM seeks to insert online education. Read More


Startup crowd gets tips for success

Michael Bloomberg, CEO of Bloomberg, and Emmanuel Macron, former French Minister of Economy, came on stage together at a two-day conference in Paris, Read More


Competing IoT frameworks to merge

The Open Connectivity Foundation and AllSeen Alliance will blend their open-source environments into a consumer alternative to Apple's Homekit and Read More


SiLabs: IoT focus motivated Micrium acquisition

Silicon Labs announced Monday the acquisition of Micrium, a supplier of real-time operating system software. The move effectively positions Silicon Read More


GM recalls 4.3 million vehicles for airbag software defect

GM's latest recall caused by software defect in airbags has exposed a symptom of a much larger problem -- how best to manage the growing amount of Read More


Alliance seeks to boost indoor LTE

The problem of cellular coverage indoors is being tackled by a new industry organization. Read More


Flash experts talk futures

The Flash Memory Summit showed shifts NAND flash and other persistent memories including 3D XPoint are making. Read More


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