Embedded publishes two newsletters each week, each sent to over 69,000 email subscribers.

The Thursday issue covers what’s new on Embedded that week: all development and design articles, insights and discussions, products, and industry updates on the site and within the embedded systems design community. This newsletter helps you stay on top of the latest happenings every week and features only content posted that during the last seven days.

The Monday Tech Focus issue is built around a single technical topic and packages all the content relevant to the topic--both new and archived--into one convenient newsletter. The editor searches out the latest information on the topic as well as the hidden gems in our archives. The Monday issue dates and topics on the schedule for the rest of the year are:

  • Mon 3 September 2012: Security for Android development, specifically what the upcoming Embedded Systems Conference will offer at DESIGN East.
  • Mon 10 September 2012: Networking, focusing on ESC and DESIGN East offerings.
  • Mon 17 September 2012: Sensors, ESC and DESIGN East coverage
  • Mon 24 September 2012: Multicore design issues
  • Mon 1 October 2012: New directions for Android
  • Mon 8 October 2012: New directions in compiler/languages
  • Mon 15 October 2012: Machine and industrial control
  • Mon 22 October 2012: Designing the cloud’s network infrastructure
  • Mon 29 October 2012: ARM DevCon related topics
  • Mon 5 November 2012: M2M, IoT, sensor networks
  • Mon 12 November 2012: Signal integrity
  • Mon 19 November 2012: Code management
  • Mon 26 November 2012: Java, virtual machines
  • Mon 3 December 2012: Robotics
  • Mon 10 December 2012: Memory design issues
  • Mon 17 December 2012: Best of 2012
  • Mon 24 December 2012: No issue
  • Mon 31 December 2012: No issue

Note that these issue topics and dates are only a guideline to aid your planning. The topic schedule is not written in stone, and topics may change if other topics are particularly newsworthy. That does not mean the topic will be abandoned, only shifted to a later date.

To submit a development article for a certain issue date and topic or to request we cover a specific topic, email your ideas and content as early as possible, at least two months ahead of a newsletter topic, to our site editor, Bernard Cole at This will enable us to review your article for publication and pull together an editorial package. If you have a new product or industry update that would complement a Tech Focus topic, the latest you can submit your press release is the Monday before the particular issue date.

For editorial questions about our newsletter, contact Bernard Cole at or Susan Rambo at To advertise in a newsletter, contact our Sales Department.

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