<![CDATA[Prototyping & Development]]> Software and hardware tools, libraries, prototyping, development kits, and design management techniques. 4434923 <![CDATA[Curtiss-Wright includes DO-160 aviation testing to Parvus products at no additional cost]]> 2014-09-19T19:42:00Z 4434921 <![CDATA[Arduino and Atmel launch secure Wi-Fi connectivity for all Arduino platforms]]> 2014-09-19T19:24:00Z 4434844 <![CDATA[The iPhone 6's future roadmap revealed]]> 2014-09-17T19:40:00Z 4434860 <![CDATA[Silicon Labs makes Internet infrastructure clock tree design easier]]> 2014-09-17T11:20:00Z 4433985 <![CDATA[Broadcom announces WICED Sense dev kit for IoT apps]]> 2014-09-01T01:11:00Z 4433878 <![CDATA[New App brings iPhone access to Modbus TCP I/O modules]]> 2014-08-27T18:43:00Z 4433819 <![CDATA[Pinning down the acceptable level of jitter for your embedded design]]> 2014-08-26T21:24:00Z 4433759 <![CDATA[Pentek's newest 3U VPX system jump starts app development]]> 2014-08-25T18:33:00Z 4433584 <![CDATA[NI brings more data analysis to its LabVIEW 2014 tool]]> 2014-08-19T23:36:00Z 4433586 <![CDATA[Five reasons to cancel your design project]]> 2014-08-16T00:03:00Z 4433309 <![CDATA[Express Logic offers comprehensive demo package for Renesas RSK]]> 2014-08-11T20:26:00Z 4433249 <![CDATA[FMI standard 2.0 integrates simulation models]]> 2014-08-09T17:53:00Z 4433167 <![CDATA[Nvidia goes after DIY hobbyist with Jetson TK1]]> 2014-08-06T21:04:00Z 4433162 <![CDATA[Only a quarter of designs using dev kits make it to production]]> 2014-08-06T19:24:00Z 4432907 <![CDATA[The keys to effective design collaboration]]> 2014-07-30T18:34:00Z 4432172 <![CDATA[DesignCon 2015 extends its deadline for submissions]]> 2014-07-09T23:57:00Z 4432171 <![CDATA[More about Google's DIY Modular Smartphone]]> 2014-07-09T23:42:00Z 4431899 <![CDATA[Altium and In-Circuit team on high speed PCB design extensions]]> 2014-06-30T23:54:00Z 4431347 <![CDATA[Effective test strategies for reducing embedded software development costs]]> 2014-06-22T06:43:00Z 4431280 <![CDATA[VirtualBench offers five essential instruments in a single device]]> 2014-06-17T19:56:00Z