<![CDATA[Safety & Security]]> Standards, regulations, and techniques for implementing safe and secure systems. 4438948 <![CDATA[Defend encryption systems against side-channel attacks]]> 2015-03-17T16:49:00Z 4438884 <![CDATA[Security needs more than checklist compliance]]> 2015-03-11T21:43:00Z 4438841 <![CDATA[No PUF piece for bad actors]]> 2015-03-09T15:29:00Z 4438816 <![CDATA[SoC vision for accident-free cars]]> 2015-03-05T15:57:00Z 4438814 <![CDATA[Freescale bears down on IoT security]]> 2015-03-05T15:17:00Z 4438728 <![CDATA[LDRA teams with TI on functional safety testing platform]]> 2015-02-23T19:18:00Z 4438714 <![CDATA[Software Standards Compliance 101: First assess your system’s risk]]> 2015-02-20T21:48:00Z 4438678 <![CDATA[Android continues to be cybercrime magnet]]> 2015-02-13T16:00:00Z 4438633 <![CDATA[Icon Labs and Mentor Embedded demonstrate security platform for industrial automation]]> 2015-02-10T21:54:00Z 4438632 <![CDATA[TI’s SafeTI software dev process meets functional safety standards to ASIL D and SIL 3 levels]]> 2015-02-10T21:33:00Z 4438630 <![CDATA[STMicroelectronics and YOGITECH release safety design package for STM32 MCUs]]> 2015-02-10T20:27:00Z 4438565 <![CDATA[Embedded Office offers certification kits (Cert-Kits) for Hercules microcontrollers]]> 2015-02-04T16:42:00Z 4438498 <![CDATA[ARM brings more functional safety to the Cortex-R5]]> 2015-01-22T11:37:00Z 4438300 <![CDATA[Securing the IoT: Part 2 - Secure boot as root of trust]]> 2015-01-11T19:59:00Z 4438298 <![CDATA[Securing the IoT: Part 1 - Public key cryptography]]> 2015-01-11T18:32:00Z 4438271 <![CDATA[SEGGER releases emSSL, secure sockets for embedded devices]]> 2015-01-08T10:14:00Z 4437842 <![CDATA[Micrium, Embedded Office GmbH team on safety-critical Cert-Kits]]> 2014-12-03T19:14:00Z 4437826 <![CDATA[Hot Tech 2015: Embedded security goes crypto]]> 2014-12-03T03:42:00Z 4437721 <![CDATA[Elliptic’s tRoot delivers secure identification and authentication for connected devices]]> 2014-11-25T16:06:00Z 4437693 <![CDATA[Wibu-Systems announces CodeMeter for Raspberry Pi]]> 2014-11-23T13:07:00Z