<![CDATA[System Integration]]> Board choice and the software, power, enclosure, thermal control, displays, and user interfaces to use. 4458426 <![CDATA[Data flow issues may slow down robo-car emergence]]> 2017-05-22T14:40:00Z 4458390 <![CDATA[Will autos carry heavy loads of memory?]]> 2017-05-11T18:24:00Z 4458379 <![CDATA[Dual ADC offers GHz sampling rate]]> 2017-05-08T12:33:00Z 4458319 <![CDATA[Sensor lets developers adjust sensitivity]]> 2017-04-24T17:42:00Z 4458316 <![CDATA[Amazon finds its voice for developers]]> 2017-04-24T17:30:00Z 4458288 <![CDATA[Single-chip motor driver targets IoT]]> 2017-04-17T15:12:00Z 4458259 <![CDATA[Peltier module design eases thermal fatigue]]> 2017-04-10T17:52:00Z 4458249 <![CDATA[32-bit ADC features 148 dB dynamic range]]> 2017-04-06T13:24:00Z 4458232 <![CDATA[Digital isolator integrates DC/DC converter]]> 2017-04-03T15:54:00Z 4458194 <![CDATA[Dual differential amp minimizes noise, distortion]]> 2017-03-27T13:49:00Z 4458160 <![CDATA[DAC integrates buck/boost converter for single-rail supply operation]]> 2017-03-20T16:35:00Z 4458076 <![CDATA[Using sense resistors in motor control]]> 2017-03-05T19:57:00Z 4458042 <![CDATA[Edge-computing waggle sharpens IoT]]> 2017-02-27T19:14:00Z 4457896 <![CDATA[3D magnetic sensing aids automotive control]]> 2017-02-21T15:20:00Z 4457894 <![CDATA[Motion sensor offers ultra-low-power operation]]> 2017-02-21T15:11:00Z 4443335 <![CDATA[IoT backs growth in adhesives]]> 2017-01-30T18:48:00Z 4443334 <![CDATA[Sensors span spectrum]]> 2017-01-30T18:46:00Z 4443257 <![CDATA[No-latency 16-bit SAR ADC offers eight channels]]> 2017-01-09T16:01:00Z 4442956 <![CDATA[Integrated sensor platform simplifies health and fitness design]]> 2016-11-01T19:04:00Z 4442899 <![CDATA[IC integrates single-lead EKG front end]]> 2016-10-21T15:54:00Z