<![CDATA[System Integration]]> Board choice and the software, power, enclosure, thermal control, displays, and user interfaces to use. 4440779 <![CDATA[Smartphones get gas sensor]]> 2015-11-06T17:45:00Z 4440738 <![CDATA[Flash technology goes extreme]]> 2015-11-02T15:14:00Z 4440737 <![CDATA[Buttons get touch overhaul]]> 2015-11-02T15:11:00Z 4440233 <![CDATA[Streamlining interconnections for high-performance, compact designs]]> 2015-08-28T14:41:00Z 4440150 <![CDATA[Flash summit speakers offer roadmap]]> 2015-08-17T12:24:00Z 4440133 <![CDATA[One-wire EEPROM gets power from data interface]]> 2015-08-13T12:58:00Z 4439856 <![CDATA[USB IC brings switching smarts]]> 2015-07-07T13:57:00Z 4439721 <![CDATA[MEMS maker targets wearables]]> 2015-06-17T13:18:00Z 4439719 <![CDATA[MEMS oscillator for IoT and mobile]]> 2015-06-17T13:11:00Z 4439609 <![CDATA[JEDEC okays hybrid NVDIMM module standard]]> 2015-06-02T21:04:00Z 4439593 <![CDATA[Using a programmable SoC to integrate major home appliance functions]]> 2015-06-01T15:10:00Z 4439475 <![CDATA[Low-power clock targets wearables]]> 2015-05-18T15:10:00Z 4439385 <![CDATA[What's behind the IoT framework gap]]> 2015-05-07T13:12:00Z 4439313 <![CDATA[Tire pressure sensor targets heavy vehicles]]> 2015-04-29T13:42:00Z 4439154 <![CDATA[Memory density reaches new high]]> 2015-04-09T15:55:00Z 4439143 <![CDATA[Smart homes gain nose for healthy air]]> 2015-04-08T17:40:00Z 4439067 <![CDATA[Automotive designs gain LPDDR4 and parallel NOR flash]]> 2015-03-30T19:25:00Z 4439044 <![CDATA[3D NAND gains traction]]> 2015-03-27T18:37:00Z 4439043 <![CDATA[Apple propels Bosch to MEMS dominance]]> 2015-03-27T18:33:00Z 4439006 <![CDATA[Sensor hubs get tiny motion module]]> 2015-03-24T16:53:00Z