<![CDATA[Products]]> Embedded RSS Feed 4438033 <![CDATA[Keysight introduces first MHL 3 source compliance test software]]> 2014-12-17T22:53:00Z 4438032 <![CDATA[Cypress launches industry's smallest USB 3.0 hub controller]]> 2014-12-17T22:37:00Z 4438028 <![CDATA[ST adds devices with smaller memory to high-performance MCU line]]> 2014-12-17T21:54:00Z 4438007 <![CDATA[TI Hercules MCUs meet ISO 26262 and IEC 61508 standards]]> 2014-12-16T22:38:00Z 4437947 <![CDATA[QuickLogic announces TAG-N Wearable Sensor Hub Evaluation Kit]]> 2014-12-14T10:02:00Z 4437946 <![CDATA[LDRA tool suite is now integrated with VxWorks 7 Platform]]> 2014-12-14T09:46:00Z 4437955 <![CDATA[WIN Enterprises' Mini-ITX Board has 2nd Gen AMD Embedded R-Series processor]]> 2014-12-12T17:22:00Z 4437953 <![CDATA[TI launches industry’s first highly integrated NFC sensor transponder]]> 2014-12-12T15:49:00Z 4437893 <![CDATA[Microchip releases 4th gen JukeBlox Wi-Fi platform]]> 2014-12-08T18:29:00Z 4437888 <![CDATA[IAR Embedded Workbench adds enhanced support for MSP430 MCUs]]> 2014-12-08T13:16:00Z 4437877 <![CDATA[Renesas RX113 MCUs offer ultra-low power and advanced touch sensitivity for IoT apps]]> 2014-12-07T10:20:00Z 4437891 <![CDATA[Broadcom's dual-band Wi-Fi audio chip targets Internet of Things]]> 2014-12-07T05:00:00Z 4437867 <![CDATA[Broadcom integrates Wi-Fi, Bluetooth Smart, and NFC into single dev kit]]> 2014-12-05T17:08:00Z 4437866 <![CDATA[High performance, low power MIPS Creator CI20 development board is available for pre-order]]> 2014-12-05T15:47:00Z 4437864 <![CDATA[Curtiss-Wright's new rugged 8-port Gigabit Ethernet switch is less than10 cubic inches]]> 2014-12-05T15:19:00Z 4437767 <![CDATA[ASIX embedded Bluetooth modules target IoT market]]> 2014-11-30T00:33:00Z 4437764 <![CDATA[SEGGER's Flasher PRO programs flash targets]]> 2014-11-29T21:40:00Z 4437763 <![CDATA[Atmel launches new LIN family for in-vehicle networking]]> 2014-11-29T21:08:00Z 4437762 <![CDATA[Microchip energy-measurement AFEs provide high accuracy for single-phase smart meters]]> 2014-11-29T20:41:00Z 4437757 <![CDATA[Microchip's new 5V DSCs boast enhanced noise immunity in harsh environments]]> 2014-11-28T17:56:00Z