Adam Carlson has a degree in aerospace engineering, and is currently a Lead Engineer with GE Aviation. Throughout his career, he has worked on everything from wind tunnel models to parts for some of the most sophisticated jet engines in the world. At home he has his own workshop including tools to make both mechanical and electronic projects. Seeing a need to increase the capabilities of his mechanical design, he embarked on a path to learn digital electronics. It has been five years so far, and it has been a wonderful adventure. After a handful of smaller projects controlling motors and lights, Adam's current projects include stability augmentation for underwater autonomous vehicles and radio receivers for RC submarines. He has a love of learning, and probably spends more now on textbooks than he did while in school.


's contributions
    • I have been wanting to play with some of their hardware for some of my submarine projects. This could really make for some fun with providing tracking of specific signals and being able to point to their direction that they came from. Their Dev kits, though, if I remember were on the break the bank side of things :(.

    • I remember as a youngster coming to understand how frame rates of cameras caused things like wagon wheels and helicopter blades to be perceived as if they were turning backwards. Then it got me thinking about if our own eyes had such a mechanism. The one thing that I find interesting about bio inspired learning is that sometimes we get it wrong. We think that we know something about biology and will pursue a technology around it only to find later that we had misunderstood the biological mechanisms.

    • I am interested in seeing their development tools. For GUI design, I have personally found Blend for Visual Studio to be a pretty great tool as far as allowing a person with little GUI experience to design some pretty descent WYSIWYG GUI's. Other WYSIWAG tool are really lacking as they are too basic, and lacking in standard libraries, or are hard to customize.