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    • If I knew what metrics were I might understand this article. You'd have thought with Americans using such arcane measurement systems it would be imperialics - whatever it means...

    • Your "inarguable facts" are nothing more than a matter of opinion. It largely depends on how your mind works as to what is best. When I see 1TB style it just looks like an utter mess and impossible to follow easily . Even better than Allman style to my eyes is Whitesmiths, which is very similar to how Python works. The way all the brackets line up makes eveything *so* clear and simple to follow. With modern monitors' high resolution who gives a fig about cramming as much on screen as possible?

    • Could not agree more. The indentation, to my mind, is *much* more important that curly braces and I fundamentally disagree with point 1. The extra braces for a single line of code after an if statement is cluttered by braces and if someone updating code can't see to add the braces if an extra line is added, they shouldn't be doing the job. Forcing Python-style syntax would stop this and all other bad/inconsistent indentation styles you see. Excellent point, Groovy.