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Myself (Bob Peters) I am an Embedded Software / System Engineer with a Master in Embedded Systems and a Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics.

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    • Nice article! Hereby I add some of my own thoughts and examples. Technology in the field of AI advances faster than some expect. A prominent example of that is a (distributed) computer defeating world class Go Players in October 2015 (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AlphaGo), which was not expected by experts for some years to come. AI is especially advantageous in use cases with numerous features in massive amounts of data. With help of the user-friendly frameworks like Tensorflow, scikit-learn (Python), AI solutions become widely available to developers. At the business side, we can also see dynamics like the acquisition of DeepMind by Google, key persons at one company being lured away to other companies. This makes the market real and moving at a quick pace. AI will evolve in the years to come and in combination with other technologies like quantum computing, maybe reach the level of what people imagine when they hear the term Artificial Intelligence. Bob Peters -- Embedded Systems Enthusiast at EmbedWise (https://www.embedwise.com)