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    • But you can't depend on the companies themselves to do the right thing when it involves safety-critical systems. That's the whole point. So, an outside entity is needed to force them to do the right thing where it is needed. If it's not the government, who do you propose should do this?

    • There are both younger and older engineers whom I would never hire and others I would really like to hire if I was ever in the position. I'd test and ask questions to all of them the same way. I'm also 0x33 and am looking at going for ARM certification after playing around with the several ARM-based boards I now have at home. My background is mostly in writing test applications (C, C++ and LabVIEW) along with validating embedded avionics software (DO-178B), but I'm really trying to break into getting a real embedded position within a few years. I think I'm really going to have to come up with a good cover letter to get potential employers to not worry about my age and my mostly-test background. I don't mind keeping up with newer technology, but I know many, young and old, who have stagnated and have no interest in updating themselves. They don't "have the passion" as Dave Jones says on The Amp Hour radio show.

    • ~ ... you nor anyone you know ever got the purchase ~ of a productivity-boosting tool approved. Funny you say that. A few years ago I was really wanting some static analysis tools. When I found out no one had any (which was amazing - this isn't a small company), I put in an official request for them. It went all the way through the request process... including people who should know about software. It was denied. Unbelievable. The company has been downsizing due to lost and missed DOD contracts, and I'm definitely looking elsewhere. A few years ago they also put a freeze on paying for any external training other than tuition assistance for accredited institutions. And the tuition ceiling was lowered so that it no longer covers tuition for the only school within a reasonable distance that teaches a wide assortment of engineering courses. So... I'm on my own to learn at home.

    • To take away the human drivers means that a massive addition to the existing roadway infrastructure would have to happen. Who's going to pay for that? I'll guess it's fiscally impossible. Again, I'm sure Google has brought this up in at least once in their massive brainstorming sessions for this massive project/problem. So, they (we all) have to work within the realms of reality.