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    • Will touchscreen be surpassed by mind control? Imagine if we wouldn't have the need for using our hands, our feet or not even our voice... imagine a scope which is sold together with a head-band... a mental control head-band that is...

    • It's great to have this information to study and learn about Device drivers, but is the problem described really so? I'm not working on this end but surely am interested. Is it really a moving target to be making device drivers?

    • Perhaps is not exactly part of the Internet of Things but recently I got to learn about the standard HL7 which actually takes care of assuring interoperability between medical devices with the EHR (Electronic Health Record). This is an super important interoperability as once having a standard in the EHR we can leverage of interoperability and this way achieve great efficiency levels in the M2M communication process. All for the final go of seamless integration and pervasive computing... even in the hospitals.

    • Actually just recently I confirmed the importance of doing some metrics measurement. Software development is a lot of a process and in any process you have to have a way to observe it or measure it and a way to control it or fine tune it. A bug is found on day 1. It is filed in the issue tracking system. Its a blocking issue as it doesn't allow for testers to execute some of their test cases in their test plan. The bad part is that the bug lays there about 2 weeks unattended. Once it viewed by the developer it gets fixed in the next 2 days and it then gets released as part of the build in 2 or 3 more days. So... I see that we can have metrics on the cycle time for a bug to be fixed. Also from this I thought of the importance of assessing the impact/severity and the priority a bug should be treated with and so ping the developers or the program manager with this concern to call attention on the bug for the quick fix. 3 weeks could be reduced to 1 week at least. The tester should follow up the bugs he files and take ownership of getting them fixed. This would also be a metric. The bug fixed cycle time and the amount of bugs a tester finds and then get fixed. But ... should this metrics remain only for management eyes? Because its easy to imagine that once these metrics, directly linked to names, are displayed in the team, then they might affect the way the testers work. ... should this metrics remain only for management eyes?

    • Please correct the link on the article. It's broken. Improves battery life of sensors for over seven years?! What was the duration on the previous version? What kind of change to a profile would allow for such an improvement?! I tried to download this version 1.2 from the Zigbee alliance website but only the 1.1 version is available. We'll have to wait a day or two.

    • This about the "Connection Hand Over" spec. I've always thought of it "the other way around". The way it's written here suggests that the main transport will be over NFC and that WiFi or Bluetooth is only a means to establish the main transport connection. Guess we can have this way also. Right now I can't think of a use case though, but is easy to think about a use case if we change the order. Like the headset pairing with a phone. If the NFC tag is used as the means to establish a connection, the main transport then becomes the Bluetooth link. The driver for this is to be able to do the pairing just by bringing together the headset and phone, NFC enables this kind of quick and short interactions. Well it's good to learn that we'll be able to do it... the other way around or am I getting confused here?

    • I have to admit i started reading this as challenging if something new would come out of it. I immediately realized that I've been applying this "scientific" approach to solve bugs. I'ts natural and if you've done programming for some time you eventually will come to this same method. However, about maintaining a log, that two I had seen the need for it but never thought someone would formally recommended it. I think this about maintaining a log would apply to not only for debugging software which you're coding but also for testing software and being able to do some analysis. In a lab environment and if this is big, it's easy to be distracted and loose the sequence of you're investigation. A lot of people talking about other topics or interrupting your work for asking a question or two... then trying to get back to work... and maintaining a mental record of all steps done can be sometimes... a difficult task. right?!