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    • You mean like Deckert's photo enhancement machine in Blade Runner..."Center and step - stop - enhance 34 to 36", etc. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QkcU0gwZUdg Yes, please, I'd love that. "Siri, trigger on address equals buffer and mode equals write. Arm. Start clocks."

    • Anyone who thinks 2.5 million drivers bought hybrids (that's just counting Toyotas) just to be "PC" haven't driven one lately. I just replaced my 2001 Prius at 125K miles with a 2010 Prius, which cost only $22K. It's sleek, roomy for four adults and luggage, comfortable, powerful, safe, and regularly delivers 50 mpg on my commute and on the highway. Many family and friends, technical and non, love their hybrids too. Prius regularly tops the charts on reliability and owner satisfaction. (No I don't work there.) It has fewer moving parts than ordinary cars, using electronics instead. I'm proud of all the electronic technology that makes this possible. How can any EE be down on an electronic drive system? Hybrid and full-electric cars create EE jobs!

    • What makes the climate change issue so intensively important is that we get no second chances from mother nature. Earth's climate is a complex non-linear system that we don't completely understand. Best case, if it turns out to not matter but the world goes green anyway, we've shifted from combustion to electric technology, and made lots of good work for EEs and electronics businesses. Worst case, today's climate science is correct but humans ignore it, we push Earth's non-linear climate into a different mode that we can't it out of, and the human race is cooked. (See Venus.) Pick one now - no second chances.

    • Peter's friendly openness and honesty, high technical standards, and teacher's gift have contributed a ton to the Xilinx community. As a happy user since the XC2064, thanks Peter!!! All the best!!! --Mike Butts

    • Robots in space! Not people. Look at how proud we all are and how involved we feel with Spirit and Opportunity on Mars, and how much they've done. The wealth in minerals and energy available in space is almost beyond imagining. Building better robots for space have immediate benefits to robots for us here on earth. Compare robotic and human spaceflight budgets, against the benefits gained by each. What a great boost to EEs and our industry if we put the funding for human spaceflight into robotic programs instead!