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    • I disagree with that. Symbian is architecturally more powerful than Android and the other Linux flavours. What Symbian has been lacking is a popular development environment. Nokia's major blunder was to discontinue S90 in favour of S60 (the latter having the complex Avkon UI layer). Symbian's Java strategy didn't really cut it either. With the introduction of Qt for Symbian; Nokia has a very good development environment which is already popular amongst developers.

    • Err... Symbian has always been outselling Android. The question was always the other way around; whether Android will topple Symbian. My prediction is that the two market leaders in the future will be Android and Symbian'; both at around 30-40% market share.

    • The principal reason why we have not been able to use Nordic in many custom designs is the lack of RSSI or other technique to get a rough indicator of distance. I'm quite sure many other sensor network and RFID companies think the same. Both ZigBee and Bluetooth offer RSSI. If Nordic could find a way of offering this, there are an enormous amount of new applications waiting.