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    • If there is an option between purchasing one or the other, the MSO is the best option. An MSO is a superset of the DSO as an MSO is, in most cases, just a DSO plus the additional digital channels and associated functionality...

    • Hmmm... I guess I've worked in the "very little" arena for the past 16 years or so. I work in the automation industry. To be more specific, I develop process control instrumentation. Every embedded software engineer here has a scope, bench supply, and DMM on their desk. And, at least two of us solder! ;^)

    • I think the poll should have another option, "I find the work rewarding and it does a pretty good job of paying the bills". I acquired my first Amateur Radio license when I was 15 and held an Advanced Class license by 16. The first time I worked on an Embedded System (Z80 assembly-based hotel/motel telephone call accounting systems), I was hooked. I find the work to be very gratifying and it has done a pretty good job of paying the bills. Plus, I like the fact that a bit of myself goes out into the field and lives on for 5 to 15 years for every device I develop. -Michael