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    • In defence of the software bod I would like to add that often their first need of requirements uncovers the businesses lack of a *documented* process that is *followed*. If you were to give what was asked for then it could not be used.

    • If I have to think about it then I would plumb for the engineering standard standard ISO format. From the Python docs: ISO 8601 format, YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SS.mmmmmm or, if microsecond is 0, YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SS

    • Reminds me of echo's of "The unix way" of recognising that small connected parts that do one aspect well can lead to great productivity.

    • "the average firmware person reads just one technical book per year". You can also join in the newsgroup discussions, standards deliberations, conference papers, blogs, and web sites that are discussing the best in your field way before it is so codified that someone can write a book on the subject. THings move so fast that you often can't wait for the book.

    • In the "hoist the divide but introduce a guard against zero division" example, I get the general idea but note that when b == 0 and i is less than n, the original does a divide by zero which the modified code does not do. (Variable tmp in this case is undefined and assigned to members of arr).

    • My Nexus 10 has USB, touch, and voice control. Maybe they could write an app? You can get USB audio mixers and cross-faders - basically USB controlled knobs starting at less than 50 euros. If you want an L.A. with knobs on then there's a project ...