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Sergey Kolesnik

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    • "An RTOS includes the kernel component, which provides scheduling, communication and synchronization, timers, and interrupt handling. In addition, the RTOS provides an I/O mechanism, which presumably offers uniform access to devices, software stacks for a broad set of connectivity options, file systems, display options, off the shelf examples, documentation, and tools for debugging applications running on the RTOS." Given this definition, Freertos is not an rtos. It is only a kernel offering scheduling and synchronization features. From we have "FreeRTOS therefore provides the core real time scheduling functionality, inter-task communication, timing and synchronisation primitives only. This means it is more accurately described as a real time kernel, or real time executive." For this reason it was excluded. There are other choices as well. My focus was on the well know and most competitive offerings with commercial support. Users can use the table to do further comparisons. Regards, Sergey