Zeeshan Mahmood

Embedded Systems Engineer

I am Embedded Systems Engineer. I have hands-on experience of design and development of firmware for safety critical devices.


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    • I agree with the writer. For MISRA C I found IAR embedded workbench's intrinsic MISRA C add on better than PC-Lint. Many of the rules which are not checked by the former one are reported by IAR's add on. Its my experience so people may disagree with it. Another very important thing which Jack mentioned is the coding standard. It is the hallmark of every good software house. In embedded software the coding standards become more crucial to follow if the product needs to go for some certification. So, we do follow the coding standards. But, we have not automated the testing of code compliance. I am checking the details of LDRA technologies and I would like to know any other tools which we can customize for our coding standards easily and the testing becomes easy in every build release. Thanks, Zeeshan