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    • Completely agree with the positive review. In my estimation this product was a game changer. I lead a team of 8 firmware developers and last year we purchased one for every member of the team. The benefit that it has been during debugging sessions has paid for it time and time again. I think the protocol analyzers for UART/SPI and I2C was the biggest selling feature for me. Truly a fantastic product.

    • That is why in general I don't use macros to "inline" code. The macros explained in the article for the most part are used to initialize tables, something that can be very error prone to do by hand. These tables can then be easily verified for correctness by instructing the compiler to output the results of the preprocessor to a file. A good firmware developer should be familiar with both pre-processor listing files and compiler listing files and know how to use them. Once initially set up, these macro tables are essentially maintenance free in my experience.